Toyota Tacoma usagés par année

Véhicule Affaires Prix de départ Total disponible
2021 Toyota Tacoma 2 affaires formidables 39 350 $ 135 annonces
2019 Toyota Tacoma 4 affaires formidables 36 999 $ 81 annonces
2018 Toyota Tacoma 13 affaires formidables 30 995 $ 96 annonces
2017 Toyota Tacoma 2 affaires formidables 30 549 $ 79 annonces

What CarGurus' Experts are Saying About the Toyota Tacoma

The third generation of Toyota's Tacoma midsize pickup truck arrived for the 2016 model year. A longtime class leader, the Toyota Tacoma offers multiple cab styles, bed sizes, and engines as well as rear-wheel or 4-wheel drive, and the relatively new TRD Pro versions step up this truck's off-roading game. Reliability is a strength, as it is for most Toyotas, and the Tacoma offers most of the capabilities of a full-size pickup truck in a slightly smaller package, which may be particularly appreciated now that full-size pickup trucks don't always fit in standard garages. Pricing of higher-end trims can get steep, but basic versions are more reasonable. Tech features generally haven't been class-leading, but the 2020 Toyota Tacoma will fully support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.