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  • Private dealer appointments

    Practice social distancing and get a specific time to visit this dealer to enjoy a solo test drive. See eligible cars »

  • Virtual appointments

    Schedule a virtual meeting with this dealer and get a video tour of this car. See eligible cars »

  • Contactless purchase

    Pay or finance this car completely remotely—either by phone or email. Paperwork will be delivered to you. See eligible cars »

  • Free test drive at home

    Try a no-commitment, free test drive at home. Car will be dropped off (within 50 kilometers of the dealership) so you can safely test drive on your own. See eligible cars »

  • Free home drop-off

    Ready to buy? This dealer will drop your new car off at your home, free of charge within 50 kilometers of the dealership. See eligible cars »

Buying a Car During Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)