2019 honda crv battery drain


Asked by Craig Mar 27, 2019 at 10:38 AM about the 2019 Honda CR-V Touring AWD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

2019 Honda CRV Touring AWD battery has gone dead after being parked for 3 days in garage for the second time in less than 3 months.  Boosted vehicle twice and took it into dealer.  Could not find a problem battery, charging system and parasitic load all checked out.  Is this a common problem?

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Please refer to this question. It is the same problem as yours. https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-t84281_ds1000311? sntEmlId=2691151973#msg953400

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Oh yes. Look at the various feeds for 2019 Honda crv battery.

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HONDA has a fix- I THINK! I just got a call from my dealership today (finally) and my car is going in Wed. to have this software update. So hopefully this actually solves the problem. I will give an update if it really helps. I will have to let it sit this upcoming weekend.

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Service Bulletin 19-039 (dated 3/29/19) addresses this issue. It is a software update to the Evaporative Emission System computer. Applicable to EX, EX-L and Touring models. Take your car to the dealer to have this update installed.

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We got a call from our Dealer today too. I was beginning to think they forgot about us! We haven’t decided what to do yet because three people on the page link I gave above had worse problems. They are getting their cars looked at again.

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I'm having the same problem on a 2019 CRV. Going in in 2 days for software update. Hoping that it doesn't cause any other issues. I'll report back if it does.

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National Honda Customer Service technician strongly felt bulletin 19-039 addressed the issue. I am taking my 2019 CRV, EX- car in to the local dealer tomorrow, June 14 and keep my fingers crossed. Also, be aware of the Steering Wheel Control and SRS Subwire Recall ... bulletin: 19-062.

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I am considering to buy new 2019 Honda CRV EXL but not sure because of above feedback. Can you share your inputs - has the issue been resolved for you guys ? I have to make a choice between 2019 Honda CRV EX/EXL or 2019 Nissan Rogue SV/SL

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I had service bulletin 19-039 for my 2019 Honda CRV-EXL done 10 days ago but disappointed that the service manager at Chapman Auto, Tucson did not even know about it and seemed to not take any interest. Same with 19-062 Steering wheel recall. It was ordered 10 days ago by service manager but a phone call on the 8th. day to parts stated that it had never been ordered. Honda USA customer service stated that the update hardware(steering wheel) is available now or will be available at the latest the end of June, 2019. I have not experienced any further problem with the battery discharge but still too early to give a credible answer. I still think about buying a portable, hand held charger with a Li battery.

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Bought a 2019 new CRV honda in Jan 2019, from Burns Honda Marlton NJ twice I've had battery replaced despite the new software update. Battery replaced May 27 and July 10, 2019. They said it was a dead cell. Was told the first time it would be okay and now they are saying that the same. I don't think that they care. The problem still persists .It should be some legal action taken ie class action suit or lemon law. Replacing battery and software update did not help. Winter is not here yet .

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dont buy honda crv 2019 until the problem resolved

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Boy, Honda is in trouble, First with hundreds maybe thousands of their 1.5 turbo engines dumping RAW gasoline in to the oil, then this! With all these dead batteries on NEW cars! People will start buying American, like Ford and Chevy.

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My CR-V EXL battery drain issue was fixed after installing the PCM software update as recommended in the service bulletin 19-039. I have put car without use for 34 days, but no issue discovered. It looks like PCM software update fixes the issue.

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My 2019 crv battery has died twice, even after the recall update. It cannot sit more than 3 days. They suggested I get a Jump Start kit or make arrangements for someone to come and start it when I'm out of town .....really!! UNACCEPTABLE. It is new and I'm not standing for this. I will get a lawyer or whatever I have to do, up to includiing a new car!!!! Right now I hate this vehicle and would not recommend a Honda to anyone.

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Complex, intermittent problem + ill-informed and ill-trained service advisors = a headache and a dead car for me. 2019 Honda CRV Touring Battery found dead Nov 15th after sitting for 5 days in the garage. Car purchased in September. Parasitic load TSB as well as other recalls were applied 6 months before purchase. Ironically, two weeks after purchase it, it sat for 7 days @ the airport and started right off. Nov 16: Over the phone, a Chapman Tucson Service claimed that the TSB for parasitic drain didn't apply to my VIN. November 20 car in shop @ Chapman Hoda in Tucson. Service advisor blamed the battery & replaced it under warranty. I'll let it sit 2 days this weekend and report back. Chapman Tucson's service advisors claimed to have seen many dead batteries on the 2019 CRV. That notwithstanding, my initial service advisor when I brought the car in argueded that TSB didn't apply to my CRV...UNTIL I SHOWED HIM THIS WEBSITE A SMARTER ADVISOR THEN PULLED THE HISTORY WHICH SHOWED THAT IT'D BEEN APPLIED 5 months before I bought the car.

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Please read the following thread from the beginning. There are many, many posts regarding the battery problem. https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-t84281_ds1000311? sntEmlId=2691151973#msg953400

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Purchased a new 2019 crv yesterday. Took it home and 1 hour later it would not start. Had it towed back to dealer. Thanks for the post, I “informed” my dealer about the bulletin. Hopefully that will work.


I have the same problem.the car is totally dead.it starts with a battery booster but all the information on the dash are wrong and not all there.Big mistake to sell my F150 for this piece of garbage. This is the second time with this problem.They replaced one part by the starter button.not reliable at all.I am afraid to drive it

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Just carried my CRV in for the 2nd time in 13 months. Last time they only charged the battery but supposedly did the software update and changed the battery this time. We'll see if this works. If not, I will just keep letting them pay the tow charge and replacing batteries until the lease is up and I'll turn it in.

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Same Problem with a CRV Touring bought in Feb 2019. Happened three time. Once after 8 hours, then after 2 days, lastly after a week of parking. Had it at Honda for a week, they found nothing, claimed there is no software fix. Just: Call back when it happens again.

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Have the dealer (Merced Honda , Merced CA) updated the software. The problem is still there. The care was in the garage for 5 days- battery is dead.

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Same problem with my 2019 CRV purchased June 2019. Had sofware update which helped, but battery has still died twice in past few months (not helped by stay at home orders.) My battery read 10volts when it would not start, but will accept a charge and now starts --will drive to dealer before it dies again, accompanied by my angry customer routine.

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My 2019 CRV was not started for 1 week due to the corona virus issue. When I tried to start it, 3/26/2020, the battery was dead, measured 5 volts. The 19-039 software update meant to solve this problem had been installed the previous September. I contacted Honda support via email. Their brilliant suggestion was to wait until it happens again and have the car towed to the dealer for diagnosis of the problem. The same thing happened to my brother who also owns a 2019 CRV. He DID have his towed to the dealer, they could find no cause. There is obviously a discharge problem that 19-039 did not solve and Honda will not admit to it. I now keep my CRV on a battery charger if I do not expect to drive it for more than two days. Sort of disappointing to have to do this with a car a little over 1 year old that I paid almost 30k for.

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If 2019 is similar to 2012 CR-V, the battery may not charge unless there is load on the system! This sounds bizarre, but to charge the battery, turn on the headlights when driving the car, especially for short trips. After having AAA come out to jump the battery once too often, I measured the voltage during idle at about 12.5 volts. Clearly the battery is not charging. Dealer ran diagnostic, said it was OK. Replaced the 3-year old battery anyway. The brand new battery in the CR-V read 12.3 volts during engine idle. 12.6 to 12.8 volts is normal no-load voltage for fully charged lead-acid batteries. 12.3 Volts represents about 40% to 60% charge under light load. The alternator is clearly not charging the battery. However, when I turned on the headlights, the voltage jumped to 14.4 Volts, the normal charging voltage. Turn the lights off and the voltage drops back to 12.4 volts. Since this car is used primarily for short trips (10 to 15 minutes), the charging system was never engaging and battery would require a jump randomly about once a month. Bottom line -- Turn the lights on whenever you run the car. Clearly Honda's charging system is far too cleaver for its own good. The small amount of energy saved by not charging the battery is not worth the hassle of dealing with a dead one.

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If anyone has had help from an attorney, please post it. My 2019 CRV has the same issues despite the software update. Dealers seem unfamiliar with this problem. But my service advisor suggested I lock the car with a double lock click, which might turn off more car functions/sensors. That seemed to work for awhile, til it didn't. After sitting 10 days, battery dead at 4 volts. Honda needs to help us out.

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Any time a battery experiences a severe discharge it becomes permanently damaged and is much less likely to be able to hold a charge for extended periods without a re-charge. So if your battery has been discharged down to 4 or in my case 5 volts the likelihood of experiencing another dead battery is greatly increased even without an unusual discharge issue. Honda should be replacing these batteries but they refuse to admit that there is even a problem let alone attempting to fix it. I have resorted to leaving my car on a charger if I do not expect to drive it for 2 days or more. There is a law firm that is investigating a possible class action law suit: https://chimicles.com/2019-honda-cr-v-dead-batteries-class- action-investigation/. As for the suggestion in an earlier answer that the problem might be the charging system maybe it was for the 2012 model discussed but my 2019 model's charging system puts out 14.4 volts even at idle with the lights on or off - so that is not the problem.

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This issue is why I wont buy a Honda CR-V Hybrid due to this battery drain issue, terrible to get stuck with this issue when the car is fairly new.


After multiple dealer visits and callsand DMs with Honda, without success, we happened on a work-around. After parking and turning off our 2019 Honda CRV, we restart and immediately off again. No battery drain for several weeks. Don't know why it works, but it has worked for us.

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I am also having a battery discharge problem with my 2019 Honda CRV! And the dealer is putting me off. I have six jump-starts since I bought the car new in March 2020! The biggest problem is that the car will not lock when the battery is dead! Imagine getting stuck at night in a strange neighborhood and not being able to lock your car while you wait for a tow or a jumpstart?!! I am very upset with Honda. But, I am taking matters into my own hands. I am filing a lawsuit in Small Claims Court. I am going to print this thread and attach it as evidence. No dealer should be allowed to get away with this! Imagine, not being able to lock your car because your battery dies or drains unexpectedly?!!

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I have a 2019 CR-V AWD and have a similar problem. I've had a dead battery now about 6 times. The dealer, Destination Kingsway Honda, Vancouver, BC, gives no useful information- "these days cars have a lot of electronics", "tested everything out and it seems ok". Clearly this is a defect that has to be addressed by Honda. I just had a dead car and went to the dealership 2 days ago and it's dead again today. They have never mentioned anything about a software update to my knowledge.

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I work for AAA and we're jump starting plenty of newer CR-V's with low batteries. Are all these vehicles Push to Start? Let's try this: When you shut the vehicles off release the brake after putting your vehicles in Park the shut the vehicles off. We've found instances where the vehicles went to Aux mode and discharged the batteries.

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To make long story short i had same problems with battery. I replaced with interstate mt 51r and fires right up. Hondas battery’s aren't good at all.

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