Radio not working


Asked by 2011_dodge Apr 02, 2018 at 11:54 AM about the 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT FWD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

About 3 days now first day my radio turned on by it
self did not know what to think just thought I hi the
button on the steering wheel then later on that day
the radio turned on by itself again worked for about
10 minutes then turned off it's only the a FM AM
radio on having problems with cuz Sirius radio still
works CD player still works but now going on the
fourth day today the radio when I start the van the
radio will turn on then give it about 5 to 10 minutes
it'll just go dead silent I can still see my screen and
everything else it's not a big touch screen or
anything it's just to tell me the time and what
station is I'm on it's just a Uconnect in a 2011
Dodge Caravan I don't know what it could be I
thought it would be a fuse but everybody says if it's
a fuse then the whole screen wouldn't light up and
the other parts of the radio wouldn't work any
suggestions anyone

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This is what the radio looks like

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Did you happen to figure out the problem? I have a 2012 Dodge van and it's doing the same thing...the radio won't work, the aux and cd player work and radio randomly comes on. I turned my air on and now it's blowing air on the driver side and heat on the right side.

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Nope still not working heater doing the same thing radio don't work so I decided to get Sirius radio and now it just does not work at all only my Sirius Radio my CD player and my aux all work except for the actual AM FM radio the Heat on the driver side works but on passenger side it always blows cold air unless I fidget around with a passenger side

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Same problems - with both the radio AND the heat/cold air. 2012 Dodge Carvan. Dodge sucks. I hate this van.

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I had the same problem with my 2015 cold on one side hot in the other. Check to see if there was a recall for that. I took mine in and they fixed it.

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The heating and radio problems sound to be fuse related, give it a check and let us know :)

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It could be two separate issues. 1) FM is silent because when there is no signal the radio doesn't make any noise. Put masking tape on the dash just below the radio trim ring to protect the dash. Remove the trim ring and pull the radio out and have someone hold it for you. Do not disconnect the wiring. Turn they key to aux and turn on the FM radio. Slowly wiggle/pull the antenna connector (squarish european-type) where it meets the radio. On mine, I found that if I pulled the antenna connection upward, the radio would come on. I zip-tied it in place but that only worked for a day. It seems to be a loose connection where the antenna connector is soldered to the radio electronics board. I searched and found this is a common problem with Chrysler radios. I don't know if the mount can be re-soldered to the board or not. I will probably buy a replacement on eBay and hopefully I won't need to have the dealer program the firmware. 2) It could be your blend door (actuator?) Mine had both of these problems also.

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I have similar issue with 2014 grand caravan sxt. CD and AUX work fine just no radio sound. It will find radio stations and display them but no sound. Very frustrating.

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For the heat I had the same problem. I found that cleaning/replacing the cabin air filter with is located behind the lower glove box fixed it. But I am here looking for a fix for my speakers sounding distorted when connected to Bluetooth audio. They are perfectly fine when playing all other audio sources. My tuner has also went out but not concerned about that since I primarily use XM radio.

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I have the same problem in my 2012 Chrysler 200. It just started. Satellite works fine the CD player works fine the radio power stays on, I can read what station I’m on and what song is playing on the screen. I just can’t hear it. Driving down the road it’ll come back on and then go back off there’s no rhyme or reason. I’ve even tried hitting bumps and staying away from bumpy parts of the road to see if maybe bumping it hopes it reconnect.

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I have this same problem cuts in and out when every it wants. Took it out of dash and found if I put pressure on the antenna connection on the back of the radio, pulling up it comes on every time, left go of it and it turns off pull up again and back on , also tryed to zip tie it there but only lasted about a day and back to cutting in and out.

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I have the same radio issue with my 2012 Caravan. I took a portable AM/FM stereo, with an AUX output, connected to the AUX input on the radio,, sounds tremendous. I'm going to try a used radio from a wrecker.. I do, however, have a temporary fix for the heater controls. Sometimes my passenger vent blows hot when set to cold, or cold when set to hot. Found this tip from another site years ago, Stop and park, turn the motor off, then turn key to ACC. Turn both Driver and Passenger hot / cold controls, simultaneously, to full hot, then full cold, full hot, then full cold, both for at least three times. I think it also worked with the van running as well, and does not seem to matter if the heater fan was running or not. This is a temporary fix,, issue comes back a few times a year, but this fix works for free! Should be a recall, and so should the radio issue.. Hope this helps,

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Having same issue with mine....removed trim and top 4 screws....wiggle radio forward until free...connection on passenger side (silver connection not eire bundle) when lifted up allows radio to play....when released it stops working. My heat also blows cold on one side & hot on the other (& switches sides sometimes lol). So I believe the solution will end up being to replace the connector first...if that doesn't work I will seek out a used radio at the junkyard....but I think the connector will correct the issue

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It is the back of radio where entena plugs in . Pull radio out but dont unhook anything ,pry up on entena cable towards front of radio, not hard enough to break off but firm now take a piece of wire wrap it around entena cable where black meets chrome feed other end of wire threw holes near corner straight above now join wire and with plyers twist together and create a turnbuckle as you twist it will tighten and stay tight twist ties will back off a hair thus defeating purpose of tension at all times

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Had the same problem the radio not working. First check if wiggling the antenna connector solves the issue. For me it was indeed the antenna connector. To fix it take take the car radio out. Then remove the bottom casing of the radio that is held by some snap in flanges. Locate the antenna connector on the PCB board and resolder the 5 solder points of the antenna connector. It is most likely the middle one that has a cold solder as all the other connect to a common ground and it is not likely that all of them fail. Pop the radio back in and see if it works as it did for me. No need to by a new radio

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Hmm... same radio problem, will just replace it, but I can comment on heater issue. Has been working fine, but a couple of years ago it did blow cold air from one side while temp was set to full hot. I simply set temp to full cold for a minute or two, and then back to hot. Worked fine after that.

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Mine was just at the garage yesterday because of the radio problem. I have to get a new radio put in mine. Everything else still works but the radio itself.

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There's a recall on the heating problem. See your dealer. Radio is still an issue. UGH

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Have the battery test. Battery last 3 to 5 year. If the voltage is low when there a drop. It can cause issues with some electronics like radio. And uconnect

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What about a fuse that might go to speaker or the speaker wire is loose at the radio ... If everything else lights up that's all it could be..

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SIMBOOKEE, followed your procedure, fixed it. Radio was intermittent, suggesting 'loose wire', screen came on always, suggesting speakers or antenna. Its a fairly easy procedure to remove radio and resolder the five antenna spots. Thanx for your posting.

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My dodge grand caravan 2014 drained the battery, I put a new antenator and a new battery but I remove the cable from the battery and turn off that is normal or is there a problem?

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Dodge caravan. Worst car ever. I called customer service at dodge about broken radio. Not helpful also had to replace all four tires and soon will need new breaks. I have a 2015 with 39000. Thinking of trading in before anything else happens. Chrysler pacific looks so much better and has safety features that dodge doesn’t. Do not ever buy a dodge

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Radio plays and the deck volume control works, the display doesn't light up, the steering wheel controls don't work and it won't change source. Not when I press the individual buttons, nor on the steering wheel source change button.

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So I have a 2011 caravan am in my radio doesn't work my heat and controls for it are not working I also just spent $1000 on replacement of oil filter housing which I'm told is a common flaw to the point where dodge dealers stock those specific parts it's so common. This van cost me over 30 thousand I have had it since new. It's only got 167 km and I'm finding that it's just not lasting. If any one is interested in a class action for those three issues I'm definitely in. Or even if any one knows how to get the radio and heat fixed permanently that's also great. I have had the radio looked at dodge suggested I replace unit. Their price was nuts I said no. I have taken it in for heat at least 5 times now each time they claim it's a trap door malfunctioning so I replace it sure enough it fails again. I'm at my ends wit can't afford new vehicle but its damn cold I need heat!! Lol thanks for listening feel free to message me back or email me at I'm not on these things often so I many not reply unless emailed.. Thanks and good luck to everyone stay warm :)

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I have a 2014 Dodge Caravan, radio stopped working last year. Display shows no sound. If I use UConnect it goes in and out. Dealership said it would be $1800 to fix! With so many us having the same problem why wouldn't this be a mfg issue that gets fixed for free?

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When I push The anntena connector , IT works, so... Could be the cable or the connexion

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It sounds like the computer or brain whatever they call it is messing up,I'm not a mechanic,but the box that holds your fuses and relays sometimes will get a short or something and that'll reak havoc on different electrical components.i know its horribly common on the 2009 model which I have. Im not dogging my van tho I love it, bit it's got parasitic drain on the batt from the radio coming on everytime I open the door. Constantly sounds love a CD is trying to load.anyway I did a bunch of research and found out alot of times ot Congress back to the relays in the box itself. I hope this helps.

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By Jove I think He's got it! Radio fix.... Thanks to eve4cowboy with his photo of the red/white connector on the back of the radio. My model had a metal loop off the back of the casing that I could wire in place- the the black antenna cord leading to the R/W plug that goes into the back. Free to jiggle is what made the problem, Now secure I am pleased not to have to sell because of the radio! Go NPR! Kent in Buffalo NY.

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Simbookee Greatest fix ever ... just touched middle solder point with hot soldering gun and done. Fix took less than a minute. FM radio works as it should.

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i get only static on all channels 2002 dodge caravan

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Update on my radio Fix!! I thought resoldering the middle pin of the antenna connector would fix it. But no. Putting the antenna connector straight on the PCB is a bad idea as there is too much mull on the antenna connector without any strain relieve. There you can see how cheap it is made. However here is the fix. Remove all the snap in metal parts. Remove front. Remove PCB board from housing. Now I had to desolder the antenna connector entirely. Then I saw on the other side of the PCB that conductor trace for the middle pin had cracked. Now remove the PCB coating from that trace so that you can put on some solder. Get some piece of thin flexible shielded cable. Keep it long enough to zip tie it later to the housing. (there is your strain relief). Solder the core to through the hole onto the trace with the solder. Solder the shield to one of the 4 ground pins. Resolder the the others side of the cable back to the original antenna connector. Put housing back together. That's it. Took around an hour. I hope that's holding up longer now.

Like everyone else on this message board, I too was having issues with my 2013 Dodge Caravan's radio. It was quite frustrating and annoying. I read several of your posts and decided I'll give it a shot. Taking the radio out was very easy. This may help....... For me, the issue was definitely how the antenna was connected to the radio. In certain positions, it would work and of course in others, it would not. What I did was I found the position in which the radio worked. I then held the cable/antenna in that exact position I wanted/needed using a plastic zip tie to secure it. Believe it or not, it worked and has continued to work for the last couple of weeks. I don't know how hot the radio gets or how hot that area gets if the heat is on so my hope is that the plastic zip tie doesn't melt or worst case scenario cause a fire. For now I have a working radio. The attached pics is what it looks like. Hope this helps at least 1 person. Good luck.

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