car won't start but all lights on dash and no sound of cranking


Asked by nando176 Jul 21, 2016 at 01:28 PM about the 2003 Honda Accord LX

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

I have a 2003 accord and its only happend twice,
the same day and hasn't happend again, won't
start when turning the key all lights on dash go on
but no sound of cranking. What can be the cause?
Im assuming if the starter is dead it wouldn't start

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If it happens again make sure the gear selector is fully in park and if that does not work put vehicle in neutral and try to starts that is if vehicle is an automatic.

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Ok thanks it is an automatic.

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I have a 2002 honda accord coupe standard. I just boosted someone now my,car won't start at all. Raido on, lights on, dash on but won't crank. I don't know what's wrong

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I have that problem. My car is manual. It wont crank at all. I used the hammer to pound the start lightly. I had someone's SUV to push my car while I do the clutch thing to start. None of them worked.

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I have the same problem. Any answers?

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My 2003 Honda doing same thing (not starting now and then). After reading all kinds of 2003 Honda's with same problem I'm going with Eric the auto guy who shows how he figured out what was wrong, it's the starter switch, not the starter! Then he takes apart the starter switch and shows where it's burned out. Dealership had my car for 4 hours and couldn't figure out what was wrong!

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I have a 2006 honda accord my car wont start the dash lights everything are coming what should i do

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I have been having the same issues and i have a 2006 honda accord. I just replaced the battery but that wasnt the issue. You may want to replace the starter because that is most likely where the problem is coming from.

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my 1999 honda accord wil not starrt. All of the lights are working but not cranking or the moter is not turning over.

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Sorry firebird338 it can’t be in neutral because it is not moving I’ve same problem I’ve Honda Accord 2004 I came from work and I parked it in my parking spot and I came back in 5 minutes but my car didn’t start only there is lights in dash board but not in radio

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I own a 91 Honda Accord and had no crank no start issues first off make sure your battery terminals aren’t loose and tightly connected next turn on your head lights if there dim try a jump start that should start her up now if your head lights are shining bright it could be a couple of things why your Honda isn’t turning on first check your starter Give it some love taps with a hammer or something tough enough and if your car turns on replace that starter and if still nothing check to see if the starter terminals are loose or came off and push them back in that was my problem for my no crank no start if still nothing test your fuses maybe something blew out you can tell if there blown when you pull them out there tips are black like there burnt very unlikely however most likely it’ll be your battery or starter another thing if your car starts when you jump it but dies while driving or stopped it’s your alternator not charging your battery hoped I helped and good luck with your problem

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My 1997 honda civic wouldn’t start replaced the battery my mechanic said it was the distributor hope this helps anyone

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Your start is bad need to get a new one

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I have a 07 Honda accord and it want start but the green key light on what is wrong

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My o6honda wouldnt start also, i bought a new battery and it was ok for about a month then again wouldnot start, bottom line it ended being the starter, now its fine. So new battery and new starter problem fixed

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You might wanna check your cables that go from the battery to the starter and the ones that go from starter to alternator

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I have a 06 Honda Accord & & I bought a new battery & a new starter & still won't crank. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM IS

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I have a 07 Honda guys and it's something to do with the secu rity feature that it shuts everything off and nothing will work even the locks. Disconnect both the battery cables leave them off for 5 minutes put them back on and boom starts right up

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Its the starter mine had the same problem this morning the problem is the starters are from china so they are cheap gotta go the extra mile and spend at autozone

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I have a 2012 Honda will not start no lights or anything..then an hour later it starts right up no problem and not being jumped..?? Help

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I'm having similar issues with my 02 Honda Accord coupe. No crank no start but I recently replaced the starter, the battery, and the ignition switch. The battery terminals aren't loose and all the dash lights come on as usual.

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daughters' 2004 accord, turn ignition key, blinking green key, buzzing from under dash; would not crank; to fix that part turn key on, foot on brake and move transmission lever to neutral then hard back to Park, starter now cranks but car won't start. something to do with transmission switch. On to troubleshoot the no start.

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As firebird 338 said, put it in nuetral and start it. I suspect the sensor that indicates its safe to start loses its memory when you lose power by disconnecting the battery or it goes dead. Thats what i did to fix my daughters 2006 accord.

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My 2017 Honda Accord (automatic) would not start but when the start button was pushed the lights and dash lit up and made a noise and then shut off. The brake pedal was “dead” and the shift lever would not move. The lights would work. The trouble shooting portion of the owners manual said there was a transmission lock that might be the prob. Located on the plastic console surface to the right of the shift lever is a small rectangular plastic cap the same color as the console. Take a TINY screwdriver (flat edge) and pry up the cap (on the short end) and remove the cap. Be careful to not break off the prongs that hold it in. (They are on the short end of the rectangle) . PUT The Parking brake On!! Take the key out of the smart remote. Notice the shaft of the key fits in the hole under where the cap was. At the bottom of the hole there is a round white button. Push down on the button with the key and shift the trans to Neutral- start the car. If you didn’t put the parking brake on the car may roll. Car should start.

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My 2003 accord had the same issue, dash lights were on, headlights were good so battery was good… I would hear a single faint click when trying to start the car, but other than that, nothing. Replacing the ignition starter switch for $60 solved the problem. Easy to do yourself.

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SOLVED: Hey all, I had this same issue with my 2007 Manual Accord. The problem turned out to be the neutral start wasn't being pressed down when I pressed on the clutch. I also had broken pieces of rubber fall from underneath my dashboard and I think that was the stopper that broke. As you manual drivers out there know, you need to push the clutch all the way down to turn on the car. This is to make sure that you start the car in A neutral position where nothing is in gear (as you know, you can start your car with Gear 1 selected, but you have to keep your foot on the clutch, but there is no "power" going to the driveshaft). The purpose of this switch is to make sure you start the car without a gear engaged. And think about it, if you could, whats the point? You'd immediately stall the car once it started. So this is where the switch comes in, when you press on the clutch, the clutch pedal arm presses on a switch to "turn off" the switch and the car will start. The problem is, the rubber stopper that is on the clutch denigrated over time, so that extra 1/2 inch that was needed to full push down the switch was gone. There for the car's computer still thought the clutch was not pushed all the way therefore it would not start. I found the switch, and pushed it in and attempted to start the car and everything runs just fine and I didn't even push on the clutch pedal (It was started in neutral). I just need to find a new rubber stopper and put it in there. I am so happy i figured this all out. (And you guys helped as well).

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Fixed: I have a 2008 Honda Accord with 160,000 km and it would not crank. I could hear the click when I turned the ignition and tested the batter which was good. It turned out that the starter was bad and had to replace it. Cost me C$700 for the fix. From reading all the posts above, my next car is definitely not going to be a Honda.

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My 1998 Honda won't start and shows all doors open

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I just got a 2004 honda accord with some electrical issues. I bought a new battery and tested the alternator as well. At first the car would run for a week then just die. The starter wouldnt even make the clicking noise from a dying battery. I was perplexed at this point. The car would always start after removing and hooking the battery up to a smart charger which also indicated the battery was not drained from something like a parasitic draw. The car was simply not getting power. Then one weekend I was out tinkering on it to try and figure this out and the car once again was completely dead. I had it hooked up to a smart charger with a 75 amp jump start capability which wouldnt even engage cause the battery was so good. I then proceeded to remove the positive terminal and the lights all suddenly came on. I then followed the ground wire from the battery terminal to the frame and found that it was a bad connection. One thing to note is the car has rebuilt status and may have had a bad repair job. So the connection where the ground wire met the frame not only had paint fully underneath it but bondo as well! After removing the paint and bondo the connection being solid now I havent had any issues in a week or so. Some other symptoms to note would be that while troubleshooting it the car would sometimes start from getting a jump. I imagine this was due to getting a good enough ground from the other vehicle to start it and then it remained running. Also the computer reset every time as well. This car also currently has an srs airbag light on I imagine from a seatbelt switch though I have to get a code reader to definitively find out. Will follow up with an update on that as well. I have read that the motherboards on the ecu on these models can also get moisture on them and cause simmilar symptoms so I'll also update if anything further goes wrong with the car with regards to the above stated power issues.

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Car wont start all light come on wont jump is there amy wires disconnect

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same problem but i saw that honda it alway lil thing relay fuse for half of ya i would listen an see if ya have fuel presser because my key light on dash stay on but i buy scanner to reprogram car again honda 04 03 05 06 07 had them problem with ground an hot relay

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Honda sucks .All kinds of transmission problems, starter relays, ect. . Buy a Chevy and get over it. How Honda got a reputation for dependability is beyond rational thinking.

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I have a 95 honda accord automatic with the same problem. For a new battery, new starter and new relay switch and still wont start.. all the lights come on and I hear the faint click but nothing else. Checked the battery cables and they are good. But I can jump the solenoid and it will crank. Can someone please help me.

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