Low beam headlight problem

Asked by stubby1947 Feb 23, 2016 at 09:41 AM about the 2013 Hyundai Sonata SE FWD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

Driver's side low headlight out.  Checked connector, both sides, from negative battery terminal to connector.  One side 0 voltage, assume it is negative side.  One side 3.5 volts, assume it is positive side.  Believe this means fuse is OK but voltage not adequate, need 12 volts.  Solution?

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I am having the EXACT same problem. Bulb is good. Fuses good (as far as I have been able to tell). Right side works. Left side out. Swapped out bulbs to confirm it's not the bulb. Did you get a handle on the problem? I'd be real curious to hear if you found a solution. Tom Tomthumb47@hotmail.com

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last night i had same problem. did you guys find any solution?

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Did anyone get a solution to this same problem same year here!!!

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I need an answer to this too!..my bulb and fuse has been changed and still I cannot figure out why the low beam is still out

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Same issue with my 2012 Veloster

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I gotta tell ya guys, I never found an answer. I took it over to my mechanic for a state inspection. He called me to say, "you had a headlight out, so we put in a new bulb. You're good to go." At first I started to say, "How did you get it to work?" - but then I just said, okay, thank you! ha. I haven't had a problem since. I'll never know why I couldn't get it to work. Just another weird electrical story.

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It's a sensor daylight driving sensor goes out it causes lights not to come on.

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@roger Is there a sensor per left and right side low beam? Also, it seems like if the lights were in the on position and not Auto shouldn't that bypass the sensor? I'm having the same issue reported here, bulb is good and fuse is good but still no low beam. Let me know what people have found.

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Same problem here. I cannot figure out which fuse to replace since the owners manual is SO Ikea like! 2015 sonata Sport.....seems everything is "take it to your dealership....which the fires of hell would never drag me too. Hyundai's service department is worse than trying to deal with Hyundai Motor Finance! NEVER again.

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My low beam don't work on both sides,bulbs are good fuse is good what's my problem

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I am having the same issues with the driver side low beam. currently in the shop now and no answers yet.

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Anybody have your paddle shifters or bump shifter stop working? Ever since mine stopped bumping, I’ve got the drivers low beam out, rear driver running light out but lights for brakes, and the rear right running is on but wont light for brakes... anybody find a schematic?

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Hyundai makes it impossible to find answer to the headlight problem. I cannot believe the united front of bullshit that I have received from half a dozen hyundai dealer repair or parts reps. They all say there is no schematic or id for fuses for the headlight. So how do their technicians know how to fix it? This is Hyundais way of being able to charge over $200.00 for a part that you could replace yourself for 3 dollars. I guarantee you my next car will not be hyundai...and dont get me started on the dozen or more hyundai recall notices that I have received since i bought this car.

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@TsurugiSan are you saying your shifter gear light stopped working as well as your low beams? That is my situation. Did you ever find a fix?

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I never found an answer. I took it over to my mechanic for a state inspection. He called me to say, "you had a headlight out, so we put in a new bulb. You're good to go." At first I started to say, "How did you get it to work?" - but then I just said, okay, thank you! ha. I haven't had a problem since. I'll never know why I couldn't get it to work. Just another weird electrical story. (I think that was almost two years ago). Good luck!

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Having same issue, except it not completely out meaning on day I can turn my car on have both headlights for weeks, then out of no where I can crank it and no driver side low beam. At first we thought it was just loose, so we checked the connection and pushed it in a little harder, turn car on and head light worked. About two months later it went out and stayed out, couldn’t figure it out as bulb and fuse are good. I have a friend who works as a mechanic for Mercedes and has his own business on the side, since I had my moms Sonota, I left my Elantra at Mercedes for a whole month, he and other mechanics tinkered with it, ran diagnostics everything, couldn’t figure it out. I’ve had the back about a week, no low beam on drivers side, my husband was fixing his wiring harness because his passenger headlight kept going out and then he checked mine. Soon as he cranked it up I had both low beams again. It’s so irritating. My 2016 Elantra with less miles on it is having this issue and my moms 2013 sonota is in prestine condition just with 20,000 more miles, I don’t get it, SOMEBODY PLEASE FIND AN ANSWER!

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I was having the same problem with the driver side low beam on my 2010 Hyundai Elantra . So i think I may have found one solution for this problem. It worked for me anyway. There is a terminal block that the two tabs from the H7 bulb spin into when you lock it into place with two wires connected to this block. When I use my multimeter on this block I was only getting millivolt readings. I remove the screw that held the Block in place and noticed that there was a lot of corrosion inside the terminal block. I cleaned out the corrosion with a thin blade and retested the voltage and I was now getting 12 volts. I plugged in the light bulb and it now works. Hopefully this solves the problem for some people I am not a mechanic but I deal with electrical in the HVAC trade and I have seen corrosion cause many problems. Good luck!

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2014 Veloster Turbo. 80k miles. Just replaced passenger and driver low beams. H11b bulbs. Not fun. No room. Missing some skin on my thumb. Ended up using pair of needle nose. Driver side works good. Passenger side busted. Tested bulb with 12v jump box and gator clips. Bulb is good. I noticed if I put pressure on the plastic tab where the positive and negative wires terminate right next to bulb, then light will come on. I am thinking that wire terminating junky plastic piece is too loose from hitting too many deep pot holes in nj. At least once a month I hit a pot hole in the dark so hard windshield wipers come on. Had to replace both front tires because a pot hole has caused a bubble in side wall. If I had both headlights working then probably would be better at avoiding the pot holes. Good thing for fog lights. Think thats why police have left me alone so far. I have hit a dead end. Only way to get entire headlight out that I know of to repair this is to take front bumper off. I have had bad experience with breaking plastic clips with my last car. Trying not to junk this one up. Time to call the dealer.

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It turns out on my wife's 2005 Sonata, both headlights were just burnt out. Not sure if they happened at the same time, but I suspect not. That was an easy fix for me so now I will tackled the shifter lights sperately.

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2012 Veloster- I asked Hyundai to change the bulb and they told me the wiring harness was corroded and needed replaced due to a non-stock bulb being used and they took the bulb because it was "dangerous" to leave in. I know for a fact the bulb came from the same Hyundai dealership. I think they have a moisture issue or poor quality materials and they are refusing to acknowledge and the repair is quoted at $175-$200 for this $7 part. It's been over 4 weeks and my part has not yet come in from their after market supplier. The other option is the Hyundai complete wiring package running upwards of $800. This vehicle has only been serviced at this same dealership but I am thinking that may change soon... because even I can change this part out.... if that is actually what is wrong with it....

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I have a 2015 Sonata. the ground wire in the connector was burned and the plastic was slightly melted causing my passenger side headlight to intermittently turn off and on. I replaced the connector and its been working fine ever since.

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Exact same issue. Only 3 volts at driver side bulb connector. Anyone find a solution or know where to check?

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I've been having same issue on a 2015 Elantra. Passenger side headlight out, but thought I replaced it not too long ago. Then back on. Then off. Then BOTH went out. Replaced bulbs days ago and back to passenger light out. Something else is wrong and why on all these Hyndaui ?

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Have 2012 Elantra Low beam on then off, Dealer wanted $600 for a new headlight assembly. Problem was fixed for $12 by replacing the connector attached to the bulb that was melted inside which could not be seen without disconnecting it from the bulb. Repair was not done by the dealer, done by a retired mechanic that isnt interested in selling parts.

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Take off the large waterproof cap on the back of the headlight housing to reveal the main headlight bulb (lowbeam) there are two wires that brush up against the housing when you take the bulb in and out, they become unseated in the plug over use, so push them back in to seat properly, carefully put the bulb back in while trying not to brish the wires on the side of the housing, and place the waterproof cap back on. The light should work. This would also explain why some of the replies state that mechanics replace a good bulb and it works, because as they take it out and put it back in, the wires may make a proper connection. Hope this helps.

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We had this problem with a brand new 2011 Elantra.. was a bad socket .. undid headlight harness right side and there was a burnt wire in there. This was driving us nuts and kept blowing that headlight bulb.. this fixed our problem.. there was a recall to that was the ground in the master fuse block.. we did fix that problem but then it kept eating rear bulbs.. like every other month.. only on the right rear.. odd..

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Try flipping the connector over, worked for me.

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I have a 2013 Sonata. Lately, when it's raining - the driver's side headlight won't work. I asked mechanic to look at it thinking it was a bulb. He just pushed something in and it worked. The next morning - it didn't! I opened the hood and tried to do what the mechanic did (like I would know!!!) and when I slammed the hood down, the light came on. For the next few months, that's how I got by. Now that trick doesn't work! I am so annoyed at this stupid problem!!! I don't think I should have to pay to have it fixed as it is obviously Hyundai's fault

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I've been struggling with the same thing for weeks, bulb looks ok, replaced it anyway, cant find which fuse it is as nothing is marked with lowbeam or headlight or anything that resembles what I need. Looked at the harness, wasn't burnt out. Finally after weeks figured it out. I was looking at the highbeam bulb, the lowbeam socket is shoved away in the corner so you don't notice it and is harder to get to! Just one more thing to hate about working on this car!

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Drivers side low beam was out. I was having same problem but I found that I was changing the brights instead of low beam. Low beam is up in corner. Maybe that could be solution.

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I had this issue and took it to the dealer. I was told that the circuits are parallel like Christmas lights and if one light is out it won't transit the current further on in the circuit. Point being, my only issue was that my high beam bulbs were dead and it wasn't allowing for any power to get to my low beams. $156 dollars to replace some bulbs. Ridiculous. Save yourself some money and get some high beam bulbs and switch them yourself and see if it works.

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hey guys, I have the same problem on my hyundai i25 diesel engine build with a a projector headlamp. I can't get a low beam on my headlamps on both sides too...everything seems ok like the relay/fuse, line connection and the bulbs...but trying to notice closely to the lamp, there is a motor which tilt the lamp either from high to low, which i think the other relay really don't brightens the light, it works for the motor to tilt the beam trajectory below. I also notice that my halogen bulb doesn't have other filament to put additional lights on. My suspect is the gear which runs on the motor to tilt the bulb. I just hope Hyundai will provide us the solution....

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Maybe I'm the only fool. After changing the driver low beam and checking the fuse and still having no low beam, I asked my son to turn on the high beams. Then it hit me. The low beams are the most outside lights on this car. I had mistakenly changed the high beam bulb. I assumed the easy to get at lights were the low beams. Not! The low beams are higher and tucked further outside in the corners! Problem solved.

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what a fool i am.... My low beam bulb went out. I was mistakenly changing the inner bulb which is high beam. once i figured this out i am now an expert at changing Hyundai headlight bulbs.... had about 5 goes changing bulbs and checking with meter for continuity...

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2001 sonata hi and low on driver side didn’t work. I jumped a ground to top bulb yellow wire and it’s now working

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It is amazing how one feels after changing the lower bulb rather than the upper one. I need a drink. Anyways, I'm pretty good at seating the bulb and so on now.

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It’s 2019 and I’ve have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe limited. Same problem with one head light out- replace lights and still out. I checked highbeams for some reason even though it was a low beam - it was out, and I decided to replace it . Once I did, the low beam worked- heck it may have been the high beam to downshifted to low beam once a bulb blew - Take way, check both high and low beams first-

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Same problem on 2016 Tucson 1.6 Turbo. Right side low beam. Light bulb is OK. Reinstalled, works well for 30 seconds and again turned off. Several times. What to do?

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The problem at least what I seen is the socket the bulb clips into the tabs on the bulb are not maki g good contact with the ring terminals on the socket. The high beam has wire plugged in directly but the low beam wire clips to the bulb reflector which has contacts that touch the bulb pins. Your bulb may or may not still be good or the bad connection blows bulb prematurely. Only fix would be replace the whole front lens assembly. Bad design. Not sure why they didnt just let it plug in like the high beam

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My lo beam headligjt on my 2012 Santa Fe GLS wrnt out so I bought 2 bulbs from Rock auto for under 20 bucks shipping and all. I changed the bulb and it would not work either. So I removed the whole drivers side headlight assembly. I removed the new bulb. I put the old bulb back in and out two or three times. I made sure the contacts were securely connecting. I plugged the power in and it worked as it should. So I pushed the headlight assembly back into place and installed the nut and bolts. Job done.... All it needed was some persuasion.

it sounds like Hyundai has a problem with the switch on the column. I have had an issue with the auto lights just turning off for no reason. I have fixed the problem for short times by messing with the switch. I just don't want the dealer to touch my car. they tried to tell me that my cold air intake was the cause of the trans slamming into gear. lol had the trans replaced no trouble. I had my local shop do the work. I would dare say the switch on the column is the problem.


Same problem on 2016 Tucson 1.6 Turbo. Right side low beam. Light bulb is OK. Reinstalled, works well for 30 seconds and again turned off. Several times. What to do? SOLUTION! Few weeks ago I have rotated socket 180°. No problem so far.

Wiggle the connections to the bulbs. I just got one side working doing that.

Provided that you've checked power, checked and double checked you're looking at the right light, and the bulbs are checked that they work, all the fuses check out.... I clipped the connector off and replaced it with Dorman part 84717 from autozone, bout five bucks. Wires are precut, just strip the other ones back (there' s not a lot to work with on that end, so clip it as close to the original black connector as possible). Simply connect the wires (I had some leftover posi-twists from a head unit replacement that worked nicely). You may also want to shorten the wires on the replacement unit, mine come with about six inches of wire. I also had to slightly squeeze the prongs of the h7 bulb together to get it to fit into the Dorman replacement. After cleaning it all up and wrestling the bulbs and their clips back on, reconnected power, and poof. Working bulbs. My luck would have it that the xenon bulb that was in there wav also brown, leading me to my third autozone trip that day. #quarantinefreetime

I have a 2016 Honda Sonata my driver side headlight will not turn off after the car is turned off it stays on and runs the battery down and the switch is turned off why does the low beam stay on and it won’t shut off after the car is turned off ????

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