the cost of maintenance of a bmw and a lexus

Asked by karisma369 Sep 17, 2012 at 09:52 PM about the 2009 BMW 3 Series 335i Coupe RWD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

I am a college freshman and I am planning to buy an used BMW 335i Coupe( under around 29,000
dollars). However, I have heard that maintaining a BMW is much more expensive than maintaining a
Lexus. Is it true?  I am considering getting either an used BMW 2007 to 2009 models 335i Coupe or a
new Lexus IS250. Since my dad has a Lexus GS for years along with its best reliability rating, my dad
is more willing to buy me a new Lexus IS250 than an used BMW.
I personally would like to get a BMW 335i Coupe with manual transmission, but my parents don't
want me to spend a lot of their money on repairing or the maintenance.
Budget for getting an used BMW: under 29,000
If not, a new Lexus IS250.
I am most concerned about the overall cost of owning a BMW. What will be the exact amount yearly,
and what about for a Lexus? ( I know it is hard to compare between an used bmw and a new lexus,
but it is perfectly fine to compare two cars in a new condition, just to see the differences)
Could anyone please tell me the cost of owning an used BMW (around 45K miles and 25K for used
ones) and a new Lexus IS250.
Please tell me if you need more information to determine which car will be the best.


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Hello,chris . BMW is good car , as we all know . the maintaince chagre is expensive .But you can buy the car diagnostic tool to maintain by yourself . Like BMW OPPS DIS V57 SSS V39 Work with all Computer, BMW ICOM BMW ISIS ISID A+B+C Plus BMW ICOM Software ISTA/D(ISID 2.30) ISTA/P(ISSS 2.46) and so on .

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The other thing to keep in mind in addition to the maintenance is the cost of insurance between the two cars. While a used 335 coupe would be older, it is still a 300HP 2-door car which would typically have high insurance rates for someone your age. Good luck with the decision.

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The long and the short of is this, BMW builds a stellar vehicle that requires knowledge on the user's part that components wear out and break down. In the case of the Lexus, it IS A TOYOTA, which is afforable in parts and known for reliability. The biggest difference is that a Bimmer will reward the driver/owner with a huge degree of satisfaction in the seat of his pants due to outstanding performance, followed by safety. The Toyota is quite the opposite. Owning a Bimmer is not bad if YOU TURN YOUR OWN WRENCHES. The average hourly shop rate is $165- 180/hr, most of which goes back to the dealership. The other option is to find fellow propeller-heads and find out where they get their service performed. Buy a Bentley manual and check out other forums for input. We have all been there and are happy to help a fellow driver.

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Chris, hope you got your car and are enjoying it. Lexus will definitely cost you less in maintenance than the BMW, any mechanic will tell you that. As far as performance, checkout Car & Driver as well as Road & Track and see what they say about the 335i vs. the IS350... well these guys are the experts. Both publications pick the Lexus over the BMW. Better performance as well as superior reliability. If you want the great car get the Lexus, if you want a status symbol go for the BMW.

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get a Nissan 350z its the two combined kinda

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Buy a Camry with v6 and leather cost about $30k but will last for a long time, bmw is like a toy car which will not last long

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go for the lexus, its much more reliable but if you have some extra cash to spend on garage bills & maintnence i would totally go for the bmw

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also dont get a camry, they're boring

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I agree that the Lexus would be the best choice. Spending $30,000 for a college freshman car is ludicrous unless your parents are overflowing with expendable cash. The BMW is truly a toy, status symbol car and will cost you way more than the Lexus and will not be as reliable, especially if it is used. BTW, it is a used BMW, not an used Lexus. See, your first lesson at a college level, and it didn't cost a penny. Good luck with your decision and please be honest with your folks.

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Hi Chris, I am also a freshman in college (18 years old) and just bought a 2013 328i xDrive just under $30,000 and I can afford the car just fine. Given that I also work 61 hours a week, my car is basically paid for with overtime money. There have also been times where I worked 40 hours a week and I was still able to afford the car. If you can afford insurance and the monthly payments you will most likely afford service or anything like that. Worst comes to worst, you sell the car. Good luck

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Find something that you can pay cash for (2-6 K). Save up for the car you want in the future and pay cash for it too. Just say not to car payments. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

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Hi. My name felicia and im in same situation i c a nice bmw for sale but im wondering trying figure out is it gone cost me alot money fix car if have problems need be fix auto repair great ????

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Buy the BMW with extended warranty. Make sure it’s less than 45k miles. Make sure the extended warranty is bought from BMW car dealership. Do not but extended warranty through a used car dealership. Go to YouTube to know how to fix regular maintenance stuffs. Enjoy your BMW!

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Do not buy extended warranty through used car dealership.

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I have had 2 used BMW'S, I LOVED THE WAY THE 328Xi drives. I will agree naint.can be exspensive. I f you dont get WHAT you want you will Sorry. Its xalled opportunity cost. Whatvare You willing to give up. I have a 38Xi ,2008,55,000., miles, black. I will sell 10,500 00

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Autotrader's Advice Although the Lexus IS has made impressive strides in recent years, it still can't touch the BMW 3 Series. While we're impressed with the 2015 Lexus IS, the 2015 BMW 3 Series offers more technology, safety features, engine options, body style choices and a lower base price. There's also the cachet of the BMW name and a slightly better driving experience compared to the Lexus. While the IS is an excellent car, we prefer the 3 Series. GO BIMMERS!!! Lexus is Toyota with a luxury emblem

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How about buy a preowned Kia soul, stylish and fun to drive, also cheap. Save money for something else.

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Chris, BMW maintenance is much worse than the Lexus. Go for the IS.

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Thanks for the post Chris and all. When I was 19 in 2003 my first car choice was between an acura and a bmw. Saved 8000 that year while watching my Jayhawks win it all from the comfort of the Walgreens I worked at. The Acura rsx was loaded (25k new) and marketed perfectly for me. 525i BMW was about 35k used offered my neighbor. A completely different type of car and class of car. That bmw was garaged for the majority of the time my little old lady neighbor bought it. It was IMMACULATE. 15k miles and drove way above my "class" as a college student. Loved it. Got scared off by talk of maintenance costs and slightly ($130/mo vs $90) higher insurance costs. I also had subtle feelings that life would end when the BMW broke down as I'd go bankrupt. Please. This day in age there are plenty of Certified programs where maintenance is done for you and there's plenty of shops specifically designed to save money on maintaining German cars. I bought the acura. It was a blast for a while. Most new cars are...despite being underpowered 4 cyclinders. The next summer I craved more power, more luxury, more attention, 4 doors, and that damn 525i left town when my neighbor moved. Crashed the acura. Got a Jetta. Afterwards went back to Acura on a "too good to passup deal" on a TL. Bottom line is that I'm 37 now and still want the ultimate driving machine. I still payed for odd maintenance costs and oil changes with the non-bimmers. Every month I looked at my car payment ~330 and knew that for ~380 I could have been driving the 525i. Yes it's important to work hard and live within your means... but life is short. Toyota's/Lexus's, Hondas are boring, underpowered cars that suit the mainstream buying public. My mom had an is350... worst car ever. Tiny, and tight driver's seat. No handling. No attention because it's a practical car despite the luxury badge. It has power but the steering feel and handling are numb, floaty, and passionless. You'll feel like my old neighbor driving around in one. One day an M3 or insert BMW will be in front of you at a stop light and you'll know that decision to remain practical led you to not getting what you want...or earned.

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I have debated what to buy also. Go practical or get what I want. I dont want to be at a stoplight sitting in a Nissan Rouge (good deal b\c my son-in-law works there) and then buyers remorse wash over me as I see the bimmer I wanted ease up next to me. If you can afford it, get what you want, you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. Your rolling the dice anytime you buy a car, new or used. And remember, there are no golden years. I am off to the dealer to pick up my used 2015 328i.

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I have owned and am owning 3 bimmers. 2012 X3 M-Sport xDrive35i, 2015 328i Gran Turismo with Sport Line and 2015 428i Gran Coupe with Luxury Line. All purchased under certified department of BMW of San Francisco. Never do I worry about maintaining any of my BMWs since they all have extended warranty and I also purchase extended maintainence. That gives you peace of mind. Yes, the cost of maintenance is higher since the SULEV has a lot of new components which makes the BMWs partial zero emission vehicles. However, I have not had a single issue with any of my bimmers. They all perform brilliantly. If you go for dinner, do you go to Mcdonalds, or a nice Italian restaurant at higher price points? For the mass, or for the exclusive few? Your choice. And, hope you will be happy whatever you may choose. Cheers! Life is really really short.

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Just replaced the fuel pump in my 2014 328d, 67000 miles $2600!

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I've owned 3 BMWs - 2002 tii, 528i, 328i MSport coupe. All drive like dreams, no other cars feel like BMW. You can get nickel n dimed and even slaughtered by parts and labor costs. But the basic engines are tops, the finish is superior, and the tight handling is peerless. Always buy used, have a shop do a pre-buy checklist, and take care of maintenance in advance of need. The last BMW I sold for $1600 with 282,000 miles on it. Never cracked the block.

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Get the lex...better a jewel..twin turbos

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If you want a bmw, lease a new one then warranty will cover the issues you WILL have. If you buy a used one, then you will take a beating on resale 4 or 5 yrs down the line. Or get a used Lexus; minimal maintenance, holds it's value better.

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I just got done with 9 years of owning a 2008 328i Sedan, with a manual transmission. When I bought it, it had 11k miles on it, and when it was totaled last week (minor rear end collision, but the costs were too much to repair, thanks BMW), it had 100K more. Great car to drive--plenty of acceleration, cornered well, etc... Fun car to own, when it wasn't in the shop--which it was, constantly, even though I maintained it religiously. For each repair, I celebrated when the bill did not break 1K, and the big repairs started hitting at 70K and never let up. This was my third (2 prior 1998 328's), and I would often pick up one BMW from the shop, and drop off another one. Meanwhile my credit card balances rose and rose. I can't tell you the number of times the part that broke was only a small piece of plastic or other flimsy material, just to be told, "BMW doesn't sell that part by itself, you have to replace to entire [insert name of expensive part here]. And after the rear end collision, I asked the guy at the BMW Collision Center, why it would cost so much to fix, and was told, "BMW charges a lot for its parts." Google, "Most Expensive Cars to Maintain," and look who sits on top of the list--BMW, followed by Mercedes and then a long drop off before the other manufacturers. Now look for, "Most Expensive Car Model to Maintain," and there's my 328, at the Number 2 spot with a bullet. When my car was last in for a repair (1800 for the radiator, hoses, trunk latch, and I don't remember what else-- one thing rarely goes wrong, they always come in multiples), I asked the car's personal mechanic (yes, my car had one guy at the shop who worked on the old BMWs) why my 328 had so many problems. His answer? "BMW hasn't built a decent car since the 1985." Still, they keep pumping out these cars and people keep buying them. The brand has that much prestige. But it wont be until the bad reviews and complaints translate to low sales, that BMW is ever going to put out another decent car.

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Neither is as affordable or as fun as a Tesla. 3-rewrites-the-rules-of-what-a-sport-sedan-can- be-motor-trend-reflects/

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Freshman in college and working 61 hours to pay off the car. Hilarious

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I have 2008 BMW 328xi which I bought brand new in 2007. It’s now 2020 and I still love it. My car has around 65000 miles on it because I have worked from home a lot. Before that I had a 1999 328i which I also bought new. I had it for 10 or 11 years and loved it too. It had much higher mileage because I had a 50 mile commute every day. I’m surprised to see BMW’s being expensive to maintain—I never thought mine were any more expensive than the other cars I had over the years. And they are a dream to drive!

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