Why wont the Gear shift lever button on 2006 chevy impala engage to move out of park?

Asked by karl1976 Feb 02, 2009 at 08:03 PM about the 2006 Chevrolet Impala

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

My gear wont release out of park. first time it did it i pushed the brake down to the floor and it relased now it wont release at all. it starts up fine my steering wheel releases just not my shifter.

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hello, mine 2006 is doing the same thing did you get yours fixed and if so what was the issue, if i ound on the shifter a few times it releases. but it can take 15 to 30 mins to get it to release.

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It may be the BTSI solenoid. Listen for a click sound when you press the brake. You may need that solenoid or there may be a problem with that circuit.

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My 2007 chevy impala is doing the same thing, this has never happened before... I had to press on the hand break in order to shift out of park??? Anymore info will be helpful

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maybe check the wire that goes to the shifter from the brake?

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i agree with @peter.. there is a solonoid that should release shifter lock while brake is applied. it is not workin; have the dealer repair if under warranty.

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I had a co-worker who had a similar problem. There is a Technical Service Bulletin, I was only able to post a picture of correctly routed wiring harness, looks like the picture shown are for Impalas with floor shift console, I am not sure if anyone had this problem on an Impala with a column shifter, knock on wood I haven't experienced this problem yet. A/T - Key Cannot Be Removed/No Shift From Park ENGINEERING INFORMATION Bulletin No.: 08-07-30-007B Date: June 08, 2009 Subject: EI08045 - Key Cannot Be Removed from Ignition with Gear Selector in Park, Shifter Cannot Be Moved from Park Position (Repair/Reroute Brake Transmission Shift Interlock (BTSI) Solenoid Harness) Models: 2007-2009 Chevrolet Impala Supercede:This bulletin is being revised to end the need for information from the field and provide repair information. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 08-07-30-007A (Section 07 - Transmission/Transaxle). Condition Some customers may comment on either of the following conditions: - The key cannot be removed from the ignition. - The transmission gear selector (shifter) cannot be moved out of the PARK position. Cause This condition may be caused by an incorrectly routed brake transmission shift interlock (BTSI) solenoid harness which can make it difficult to install. In some instances, the wiring looms are tangled, causing stress on the wires in the connector at the BTSI. If the BTSI harness is routed incorrectly, it may also result in a wire pinching issue. Correction Important DO NOT use force to move the gear selector (shifter). Using force may cause damage to the BTSI. Inspection/Routing and Repair of the BTSI Wiring Harness/Connector 1. Check for wire damage at the BTSI connector terminal ends. Refer to SI for repair procedures. 2. For very intermittent issues, check the BTSI wire harness individual circuits for broken or crimped wires. Refer to SI for repair procedures. 3. Inspect the routing of the wiring harness leading to the BTSI connector. The illustrations above show the BTSI harness routed incorrectly. 4. Reroute the wiring to create available slack and avoid future occurrences.

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hi, It seems that your vehicle requires basic servicing ... try to contact your dealer

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you have to put your foot on the brake for the tranny leaver to release

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In the picture in above post, the chorme part is a release button. Reach underneath the counsel from the passenger side and press. It will allow you to move out of the park position. Put into neutral to start and drive to repair shop. Please note that if you put the car into park, it will lock up again. You will have to shut off and repeat again if needed. Make sure you tell the repair shop how you did it so the can get it into the garage.

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I Reached under the console from the passanger side around the to the other side of the shifter lever and felt around to find the button. Pressing it allowed me to release the shifter button and pull the shifter out of park. Word of caution if you pull it to N your car may roll so set your E brake. After releasing the shifter I was able to shift in and out park and didn't have any more trouble mine was just stuck. I have a feeling it may happen again but so far so good. Mine is a 2007 impala ltz.

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what did the shop say the problem was? I have been driving a week pushing the butto in.

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push button will not shift

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Danny, Do you happen to have a diagram of how the harness should be wired? I'm having a similar problem after I replaced the harness and wiring. I'm afraid that I might have the wires incorrectly connected as i still cannot remove my key from ignition. Thank you!

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I have a 09 chevy impala with the same problem. gear shift lever release will not release. took off the console and if you manually push the button in you can shift out of park. it just started doing this a couple of weeks ago. It would release, but it just took a number of tries to get it to do so. Today it wouldn't move at all.What makes the button not go in???

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Had the same problem with my 2010 Impala, the button on the gear shift wouldn't depress, even when the brake was pressed all the way to the floor. Thought it was the solenoid, but ended up being two wires that were bound too tightly and over time they wore out and broke. The wires didn't have enough "wiggle room" when the car was manufactured to allow for movement. Had the wires replaced; works fine so far.

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I've had the same problem twice within two years. I have a 07 Impala. It was the solenoid and the wires that had to be replaced. The dealer fixed it with no problem. It is frustrating because it just happens without any warning!

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i had my black wire in the picture break because the factory did not crimp the wire properly causing the problem replaced the terminal and corrected the problem thought it was the solenoid which requires you to replace the whole shifter assembly bought one got the center out and found the wire broken

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Same problem on my 2008 Impala! I paid $55 for a tow (two blocks) and $305.00 at the dealership to have the wires under the shift "repaired", NOT replaced. VERY Frustrating! I am trying to find out why no recall has been issued! Again, VERY frustrated!

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Thiz a bunch of bull mess with so many common complaint in variius years of the same models why the heck no recalls what the hell its gona take..... again consumer getz screwed chevy shhame on you gm bullshit we need and deserve more and better from you....Make it right

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I have a 2010 chevy malibu. I think my problem is simulator to the ones listed above. The button on the gear shift will not spring out. Therefore, the key will not come out of the ignition. I can shift it in to gear with no problem, just can't turn the car in the off position on the steering column. So I had to disconnect the battery so that it wouldn't drain. Any suggestions on this issue?

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Omg!thanx to the guy who posted the pic and explained the button we r 2 hrs away from home and it wouldn't shift out of park! now we able to get home!

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Same problem...mine is 2010 Chev Impala with the console, second time this happened where it wont shift out of park. Its a connection in the console. Bloody frustrating when you are trying to get to work on time....the sliding shifter loosens or disconnects a connection and wont let me out of park...lol don't know the name of the wire or connection but easy to fix if someone knows what they are doing :)

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I have a 2007 impala I am having the same problem they are saying its the break light switch but mine has a sensor I think this should have a recall

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I just had the same problem with a2010 Chevy impala will not move out of park!! My car stuck @work ! Do not know what to do please help!,

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You need to remove the center console. Just a few screws once you remove all your junk and the rubber lining. One of the wires going the the console was too short and comes out over time. Common problem. Its a simple wire repair. Any local shop or mechanic will be able to assist. Im pretty sure there is a how to on youtube by now.

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This same thing happened with my 2008 LT impala. I had to take out the center console, which is easy (6 screws and it lifts off) the problem with mine was one of the wires that plugged into the gear shifter console near the release (chrome button in the picture above) The wire came out of the plugger thing (sorry I'm a girl and dont know the lingo haha). I went to a local audio store and they hooked me up with wire small enough, I stripped it, fused it together, retaped it and put it back together. It saved this single mom about 300$ that the dealership quoted me! It slipped out one time, so I had to repeat the process, but the part itself costs about 170$ and the delaerships charge over 100$ an hour to take care of a 25 minute fix. I hope this helps someone!!

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I had same problem with mine today. Wife parked it in afternoon & when I got in to go for gas it wouldn't shift from park. popped off the trim bezel from around shifting lever (floor shift) then felt around for the mysterious button which I found on the right side area. push it from the right over toward the left side and BINGO I was able to shift it. I've not found the exact problem as yet but speculating that have a bad wire. Like other guy says, be sure to set e-brake BEFORE shifting.

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in fact I did have a broken wire right at the btsi connector. It was the black wire. had enough material to work with so released wire from connector & soldered it back onto terminal end, reassembled it after checking that it worked and BINGO I am back in business til something else fails. hope this helps

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My wife had similar issue and it cost $500 to correct what appears to be a recall potential, I contacted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue complaint which may lead to recall on this issue.

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So how would you suggest fixing this issue on a 2001 Impala with a shifter that is on the steering wheel console? We changed the brake light switch last night, but that didn't fix anything, in fact, with the new one in the brake lights won't go off now so we had to take it out and put the old one back in. So frustrating. We got it for my son's graduation 2 weeks ago. No transmission slipping. He just got in it to drive off and started it up and could not get it to go into reverse or any other gear.

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Similar problem with my 06 monte carlo. The car turned off and stayed in park but the display shows that the car is in 1st gear.. The car will not turn on and wont shift back into neutral. I left it at the shop behind the car wash and am awaiting their answer.

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07chevy impala key stuck inignition remove the console was able to get it out park but still can't get the key to turn back in order to get it out and it won't start at all

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Ok, saw some very helpful hints on YouTube but it's too cold to work on it as it is freezing here in the Midwest. Didn't want to try to remove my console cuz was afraid plastic would break in cold weather. So warmed up my 2009 Impala and used my long ice ice scraper as a lever and easily found the solenoid release button . Just pressed it right through the console on passenger side and voila...could put it in gear .

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Going to try your fix This has been an ongoing issue for me. Running me nuts. We have already replaced the wiring harness and thought issue was fixed. It worked fine when we had the console off. It did not fail and have to do the switch. Put it back on and worked a couple of times and now broke down for 3 days. Thanks

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OK I have a 2008 impala with same problem not able to remove key or get it out of park. I check and yes I had 2 broken wires used the release button and drove to the dealership bought the replacement plug and then to my son's house where we did exactly as instructed we hooked up new plug and NOTHING...... checked power to the plug nothing and RAP fuse is good can someone explain to me is there a reset button or something we are missing wasn't having any problems till wires broke yesterday

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2007 Chevy Impala, two days ago would not come out of park, with much research found out how to bring it out of park, after removing middle console black wire broke, touched it and then purple wire broke. Now car will not shut completely off, can remove key and it starts fine just things like radio, windows all that can still be used. More research and as of yesterday I have replaced the gear shift harness. Now car is no longer stuck in park, BUT my car still will not shut all the way off. I know for certain the wires are connected properly. Currently disconnecting battery so car does not die, till I can get it to a mechanic. :(

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i need help with this same problem with my 2002 impala with a column shiftier need help

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Can anyone give me the part number? I am 900.00 in the hole and they keep giving me the wrong part numbers to buy


Hi everyone I had a 2009 Chevrolet impala the key didn't come out and couldn't get it out of park. The problem was the connector on the passenger side on the shifter I fixed that and the key didn't come out after couple hours of searching I found a 10 amp fuse on the passenger side fuse panel it's called rap fuse

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favor4me: I have a 2010 chevy malibu. I think my problem is simulator to the ones listed above. The button on the gear shift will not spring out. Therefore, the key will not come out of the ignition. I can shift it in to gear with no problem, just can't turn the car in the off position on the steering column. So I had to disconnect the battery so that it wouldn't drain. Any suggestions on this issue? Temporary fix, hit (not hard), the shifter forward once, if not, then twice or three times MAX, from park, just bump it forward a couple times. And then turn your key to off. It will work. I promise. This is a TEMPORARY fix. I only do it still now because I'm broke. And this car is all I have left. If you have the means, go get it fixed and by someone TRUSTWORTHY who will take the time to figure out the problem and have it in your best interest, to solve your problem. Best of luck.

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FYI - a temporary solution to this is to disconnect the positive and negative terminals on the battery for a couple of minutes. This resets the antitheft system. Connect the terminals again and you should be able to start the car up and shift.

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My 2010 Impala got stuck in park. The towing company guy removed the plastic rings around the shifter and showed me the silver release button. It's a temporary fix, the dealer wants $300 to fix it. I think it should be a recall. They said it's a broken circuit connection. I could probably fix it myself if I knew where it is.

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I wish I figured out why my car is doing the same thing my key gets stuck and I cant get my car out of park


Had the same problem with my mom's 2010 Impala. Watch this video. Will save you $$$$ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LDkoecODII

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I have 2010 Chevrolet Impala and shift stacked in park. I crank up and running fine and shift stuck. Can’t pull it. Heard many complaints about it and how come there is no recall about this issuers. I got tired of being stuck somewhere and unable to get home.

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