My Hyundai Sonata won't start, everything comes on when the key is turned but no starting action occurs. Sometimes you can get it to start by rotating the key in a circular motion but not lately.

Asked by debss Mar 05, 2013 at 07:24 AM about the 2006 Hyundai Sonata

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Car won't start and no noise but everything else comes on.  Been to a mechanic who did a lot of work but it did not change the fact that the car sometimes won't start.  Any ideas?

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It sounds like the contacts at the end of the ignition are not closing. They could be dirty. They could be worn. They usually send a signal to a relay. That relay may be bad or have a bad connection. -- You need a schematic, a meter and a knowledge of electrical circuitry to trace the signal through the wires.

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Also if/when you get this fixed, if you have 20 keys, a flashlight and a charm on your key ring I recommend you lighten it up. I have had several experiences from ignition switches being ruined that way

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Is there a switch on the clutch pedal if so could it be that

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I have a 2011 Sonata with a key ignition. I have had problems with the car starting for 18 months. First the Hyundai mechanics told me it was because the tires were not perfectly straight. Hah. Now the light does not turn on to indicate it is in park and until I jiggle the shift until the light does come on it will not start. Was in the shop for a week the first of July and worked for 2 weeks and now in the shop again.

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My 2009 Sonata has been "perfect" with no issues. I took it in to remedy to the two recall issues today (brake switch and crossbar); tune up (spark plugs and fuel injector cleaner); and coolant flush. After 3rd start going leaving dealership, making a stop on the way home, and one more start to go back out for dinner, there were no issues. I brag on m car all the time. I love it. When leaving the restaurant, my car wouldn't start, not even turn over but I did have lights on the dash. Car was in park but we moved it in and out of gear several times while trying to start ( my husband said it had been acting up for about a week and shifting and going back to park allowed it to start.) Called service manager and he told me to check battery connections and voltage even though Hyundai had just performed their several point inspection. The car did eventually start before I had to call AAA. Started fine several more times this evening but I'm untrusting now. I don't want to get stranded, especially this time of year. I'm willing to look into the key ignition idea and welcome any others. Where do I start looking at the contacts? Will I need to remove part of the dash or can I crawl up under it?

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I'm having similar issues on a 2006 Sonata GLS 3.3L. Took it to the dealer who's mechanic said it was the ignition switch. They wanted $350 to for a $25 switch and 5-10 minutes labor. I changed it out. No change. The car starts consistently if I turn the key and put it in neutral so I'm not worried that I'll get stranded. This also tells me that it is not a battery or starter issue. I believe it has something to do with the shifter contacting the Parked position sensor. That's next. Here is the website for the ignition switch if you want to try it. It is a common cause for this type of issue if your car doesn't start in Neutral as well.

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Also have the 2006 V6 and when the car was around 5 years old, I had the same problem. You turn the key and nothing except the radio and lights but no cranking. It happened every few months. It has been getting worse now. The car is now 8 years old and it happens almost every day. The circuit involves the security system and park/neutral sensors besides the starter, relays, fuses, etc. No one has figured it out and I usually keep it running for short errands. Some of the tricks I have tried are cycling the door locks, trying to start in neutral, and if not then back to park. Up until today, it was totally random if it starts. I had been reading up on similar issues with newer models with the push button start. That problem seems to trace to a bad or misaligned sensor on the brake. It would need to be pressed all the way down to start. Using the same idea on my 2006 thinking the brake petal could be related, I would hold down the brake petal. It has started even time in the last day. A small sample but I hope I am onto something. Previously, I just waited and tried different keys and prayed.

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I am having the same issue with my 2009 Azera. First we would make sure the tires were straight(doesn't matter anymore), then we would start in neutral (doesn't work any longer), I will try cycling the door locks. This is clearly a Hyundai defect.

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Ultimately, this turned out to be my starter. It finally wouldn't start one day when I was 1.5 miles from the dealer. I had it towed and they were able to take care of it for me right there and then (at about a $400 price tag). At least it's done and I don't have to fear being stranded any longer. I still love my 2009 Hyundai Sonata.

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Have a 2011 Sonata. Have had no issues with the car until a week ago. Car wouldn't start when key was turned - no clicking, partial cranking etc. Lights on dashboard, radio, headlights all worked. Left car at restaurant. Came back next day and started right up. Took it to Sears to have battery tested - it tested fine. No issues for three days then same thing again. Tried starting next morning with no luck. Used Hyundai towing service to get car to the dealer, where, of course, the problem went away. They fixed a few minor recall issues and I drove the car home Saturday. Sunday evening problem is back. Monday morning car starts no problem. This is not going to be fun. Have owned numerous Hondas and a VW and never been left stranded like this. Rapidly losing faith in the 1st Hyundai we've bought.

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My car is currently having some of the same issues we just got it serviced in Georgia (500$ deductible)) for our trip to Chicago with our 3kids now the darn car wont start then it does. Auto zone says the battery is good so now we are stuckalmost 800 miles and 13 hours away from home :(

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need help with this one, I have a 2009 sonata, the brakes seem to be slipping when car is cold, does not do it rest of day, took it too dealer, they said rear brakes where bad, so had them fixed, it did it again this morning and now is fine, and ideas as what it could be, both front and rear brakes are brand new????

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After a LOT of forum searching, Google searching, and just talking to Hyundai technicians, the starters on Sonatas are a sore point. For what it's worth, we have a 2011 model. Sometimes it would start, then it just wouldn't. Ran like a champ otherwise. What was originally diagnosed as a weak battery was debunked when I asked them to test the battery in front of me and it put out EXACTLY the cold-cranking amps advertised on the label. When I asked them to diagnose again, they told us it was plug or fuel related. Rather than pay an hourly rate for something that takes 20 minutes, I went home and pulled the coils and plugs...and they looked brand new. Checked the gap and it was in spec. The fuel filter was replaced after the last oil service, so that wasn't worth exploring. After two days of intermittent issues I dropped the car at a different dealership and they diagnosed the starter (armature) as a failure in a half-hour. Covered it under warranty, and was told it was between $500-$700 usually. Technicians there told me its one of the most common jobs they do.

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I have a question i have a 2011 hundyai sonata an have had no problems i pull up to gas station an put gas in it an then get in to crank it and it wont start what could be the problem?

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Sorry folks but most are wrong if the start is intermittent. The battery in the key is weak. Buy a 2032 battery from Amazon or local and check YouTube for how to replace it. Just went through the same and a new battery for your key will fix it all.

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My father has a 2011 Sonata (uses key) Drove it to Colorado 2 this summer. He drove about 120 miles to St. Louis last Wed. parked car. Had to get back home on Friday, got in the car at 9:am dead. Jumped would start, but take cables off would die. Towed to a local repair shop, friend new the mechanic. Replaced Alternator and battery, $700+. Car is under warranty. Trying to work with Hyundai Warranty, emergency repair. Picked up on Sat. made it back home. Took car to local Hyundai dealer, as radio does not work now. They need to "reset something" about 15 min. Came out after 45 min., car would not start. They would check next day. Still would not start. They would have to put in another alternator, and we would have to pay for this one, too, as it is not the original alternator. I said hold all the presses. We are going to call the other repair shop and see if they still have the original alternator. And there is still no guarantee that this will fix the problem. If I find out that this could just the the key issued above, I will talk my dad into trading in for another car asap. He can not afford to keep paying for something that is under warranty.

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I have a 2009 sonata when I start it makes a buzzing noise we check the battery it was good atl it was good check my starter they said it was good what should I do

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Another Hyundai owner we know just ran into the same issue as us. His starter was also replaced under warranty, and the starter armature was the failure point, it's REALLY common. Turns out Hyundai has a TSB specifically for the 2.4 models to address the lever replacement. The mechanic told him at one point they were replacing 6-7 starters a week because the starter lever is plastic. The problem is that the replacement Hyundai issued for the TSB is plastic as well, and due to the replacement isn't likely to fail again until after the warranty expires. Why they would use a plastic part again, after the OEM equipment fails SO much is an enigma to me, but then I realized that's why Hyundai is less expensive than it's rivals because they're willing to spend the labor to replace a cheap part rather than build it right the first time. Another issue that'll leave you stranded in these cars is the brake switch. It's a part that tells the car the brake is engaged. The car won't start unless it detects the brake. They replaced it on his car, because they know it's one of three issues these cars are known for. The plastic starter lever, the brake switch, and a faulty transmission position sensor. If any one of those three components is worn/fails, you'll get the intermittent issues until it gives up the ghost.

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I have a Sonata 2006 v6 3.3 with the same issue, some time wont start?? battery and started are ok?? the brake switch was replaced by a recall, afew years, the plastic started lever if is broken it wont work until replace?? the brake switch should work if I press the brake pedal,the transmition position sensor may need ajustment, anybody know how to ajust it?? thank you for you help

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I have a 2012 sonata and it won't start .battery is OK my husband thinks is the starter .I bought a new car thinking i wouldnt have mechanic issues so soon so much for that

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I was an electrical designer for 30+ years. My Sonata has a starting problem that appears very similar to ones shown. In analyzing my problem I had a battery charger that would give me battery voltage. I found two things about the problem. 1) I could sometimes get the vehicle to start by running the shifter up and down. I believe this may have reduced voltage drop on old connections allowing the voltage to the final transistor to be high enough to engage the starter solenoid. 2) I found that when I allowed the voltage on the battery to go from abour 12.4 volts to 12.6-7 volts that it would allow the relay to close and the starter would spin without a problem. Both of these solutions suggested an old transistor that had degraded or contacts that have degraded making the voltage to the solenoid to be marginal and not allow it to start. I wish I had a schematic and I could probably find the offending module.

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My 2006 6cyl 3.3 Sonata has been having starting issues for about a year or so...everyone that has looked at it or has worked on it has changed out the Fuel Pump/Filter...this allows the car to start straight away for awhile but ultimately resumes the same pattern of not starting - SO IRRITATING!! I am going to take some of the suggestions I have read here to my mechanic to steer him in a different direction. Thanks

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I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata with a Push Start Ignition and from time to time it will not start in Park position. All the lights and radio work, so I figure it isn't the battery. I put it in Neutral and for some reason it starts right up, as it should when it's in Park! Then sometimes it starts up normally? I have been doing this temporarily until I can get it looked at and have the funds to take care of the problem. Maybe someone can tell me why this works?

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I have a 2011 Hyundai sonata and I love it. But I have experienced several issues since I've owned it. First I had a brake issue. The right brake light would stay lit even when I was not pressing the brakes. I had that fixed and soon after I had problems with that same light not working. I thought that it was a bad bulb but it started back working again. And then not again. And then working again ugh. Recently I've been having problems with it starting up. I noticed it did it one a month ago and more often now. All the lights come on but it doesn't start. I'm thinking is the starter like everyone else has said. If I wiggle the gear shift and hold the key it cranks right up!

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I have a 2012 Sonata with push button start. It has been having the intermittent start problem for about 6 month. I also had an issue with the cooling fan not stopping an running down the battery so I decided to take it in. They replaced the relay for the cooling fan but said I would have to replace my engine room junction block and wiring harness to fix the starter problem. Price tag was $4523. I got it started and left without doing any other repairs. After a few weeks of the same issue I decided to look at some of it myself. I opened up the junction block and starting pulling relays and when I got to the IG1 relay it was very hot. I swapped it with the IG2 relay (same voltage/amps) and then my A/C panel would not work but it started every time. Looks like I just need a $10 relay switch. A little common sense just saved me $4513.

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I fixed this problem, thanx to NICGAL35. Your AAA guy is awesome. I stuck the key into the door and locked then unlocked it a few times. When I removed the key from the door I noticed that the key looked cleaner. My theory is that the oil/dirt/lint/contamination that gets deposited in the groove of the sonatas key is the culprit here. This would explain the intermittentcy of the problem. The other thing is that, if the contamination was on the key, (and can be scrapped off by the door lock cylinder) then some of the debris is likely to be inside of the ignition cylinder, as well. I've yet to address that possibility. Just FYI many HYUNDAI dealerships are probably aware of this issue. I would venture that they have been cleaning the ignition with graphite oil spray, and charging people for what ever part that the customer assumed was causing the problem. Then viola! The mechanic says, "Guess what customer! You were right! When I changed your starter(or any other part), your car started right up!" It only costed $300 Thanx for the simple fix NICGAL35

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I have a similar starter problem, but mine is caused by the solenoid's 'trigger wire' connection. In short, it falls off, or comes loose and loses contact with the solenoid, thus no crank and no start. This problem has stranded me about six times in the past two or three years. Hyundai dealers ALWAYS say it needs a starter, when all it actually needs is a new trigger wire connector. But since Hyundai DOES NOT carry replacement trigger wire connectors, nor do they carry complete trigger wires, they always say it's the starter, then bend the trigger wire connector to tighten it up when they install the starter (Which is all it needed in the first place) and charge me $350. A mechanic who came highly recommended to me by a friend correctly diagnosed this problem, and though he has not been able to find a replacement connector, he fixed it by drilling a hole through the trigger wire connector and the solenoid spade connector and put a screw and nut through them to hold them tightly together. He charged me $50, only because he had to remove the starter and a couple of shrouds to get the starter back in with the trigger wire attached. Apparently this is a common problem with the 2009 Hyundai Sonata, because he said he couldn't tell me how many of these he's fixed. What concerns me is how many people have never heard of him and return to the dealer every six months for a new starter. This is a scam. If my new-found mechanic can figure out what's REALLY wrong with the car, so could a Hyundai mechanic. Then again, they couldn't justify charging me $350 to drill a hole and insert a screw, so why not just change the starter? Incidentally, $20 of that $350 was for 'Misc Shop Supplies.' They use two or three washed shop towels and charge the customer $20. What a rip-off. I don't want to give them any ideas, but it's a wonder they don't charge a line item for lights, heat, and water in the shop.

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i have a 2004 Honda sonata and when it's cold it don't want to start,when im at a red light it cut off i have to start it agian.what could be the problem. ?

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So many of these issues sound exactly what my car was doing. It suddenly would not start. A little clicking in the engine compartment, but no turn over and no start. The connection to the solenoid (the so-called trigger wire) is loose. The clicking is the starter relay. But that's not the problem. The problem lies where the wire that energizes the starter solenoid (the 'trigger') comes loose and makes poor or no contact with the terminal on the solenoid. This wire is part of a primary harness, and thus is probably not sold by itself. But the end of the conductor that connects to and feeds current to the starter solenoid is kind of a strangely configured connector which apparently comes loose with normal vibration of the engine. A temporary fix is to bend the loosened connector so that it fits snugly on the solenoid terminal, but once I learned what the problem was, I've done this (or had it done) four or five times over the past two or three years. It's REALLY hard to get to and VERY difficult to get back on once you tighten up the connector. My mechanic actually screwed a heavy guage wired to the solenoid terminal then connected it to the 'trigger wire' with a heavy duty crimp connector so that if necessary, the wire could be disconnected from the power source without disconnecting it from the solenoid terminal.

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My 2006 Sonnata has been unpredicabe about starting for about 2 years now. When it doesn't start it's totally dead. Every time a jump worked, except once, I retried it 20 minutes later and it worked. We've replaced "bad" batterys that I knew had months left on them. I think that was a waste of money, it didn't fix the problem. It happens about once every 2 weeks. The last two times, I found that if I simply leave the key in the ignition after two or 3 tries, sit there and ponder, what the heck am I going to do now??!?! Then in about 60-120 seconds, I try again and voila ~ it starts like a charm! Wish I had know to retry later and I would have not missed church, work, flagged down strangers, jumped my battery, etc. Try it, maybe it'll work for you, it's called patience and it's free. Unbelieveable!!

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After a shift recall (extra pin), started having starting problems. Was working after a few retries. Using foot on brake worked. Then that failed. Was able to shift to neutral and then start it in neutral.


I just had the same issue with my 2011 Hyundai Sonata. All electrical aspects come on, but the car won't start. The car never had any previous issues. No one could figure out what was wrong. I finally took it to Hyundai dealership and turns out the engine was "locked up". Still not sure how this happened. Due to this, in the process of trying to start the car the starter went out. There's a recall on the engine with this issue so Hyundai is replacing with a brand new engine and starter for no cost. They will also reimburse for towing costs and pay for a rental car. If you're having the same issue, I strongly encourage you to take it into Hyundai and see if your problem falls under this recall also. Im glad that I did. Hope this helps

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Do you hear clicking noise like the battery is too weak to start the engine & it was just running fine prior to shutting it off and you come back out and it won't start? The starter is what they classify a "high speed starter". It cranks over an engine very rapidly. Today's small engines have a lot of aluminum parts in the engine & have to have a perfect ground in order to start. Simply check ALL (cable) connections for corrosion, if none is found pull the starter off. Make sure the is NO corrosion on the base of the starter or bell housing of the engine (white). Clean base(s) off with emery cloth, reinstall & say goodbye to big dealership bills. ALL it is 97% time is the ground & yes they will sell you a new starter, it's clean at the base although a lot more expensive.

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BAD IGNITION COIL CONNECTION TO WIRING HARNESS It seems that the connector gets old and brittle after time. Becomes an intermittent problem. It is probably common and why there are so many posts about this. It was a devil to figure out. I had a similar issue on my 1998 Hyundai GL (stick shift). After replacing the battery, fuel pump and relay, fuel filter, checking all the sensors, checking out the ECU which gave no codes, and paying a lot of different mechanics who couldn't figure it out I decided to try replacing the ignition coil. After that is seemed to work, then went a little funky. I discovered that it was running on just 2 cylinders. When I wiggled the wires to the ignition coil it resolved the problem which then came back. Upon swapping back the original ignition coil to test I found that the connector from the wiring harness was very brittle and after fiddling with it I realized that this was a problem. Not able to find a replacement connector easily I drove it around on 2 cylinders with one of the leads hard wired. It then consistently ran - but on only 2 cylinders. I then hard wired the other 2 yesterday. That seems to have fixed the issue. It was as simple as that. Intermittently bad connection to the ignition coil. If you need to replace that connector it is "Ignition Coil Wire Harness For 96-00 Elantra, 97-01 Tiburon 27367 23000" Beware that Hyundai uses the same part number for the condenser part - so verify that. I had to wrong part sent to me twice before I gave up and hardwired it. That part costs about $30 if you can find it. Thought I would share...

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I have a 2013 Sonata GLS key start. After I did a transmission fluid change and put it back together it would not start. It was a wire underneath the intake housing that came loose after I put it back on. Check for loose or disconnected wiring cables.

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Hello guys My Hyundai Sonata 1995 starts normally but the problem is on charging. I went to 2 autos electricians but they failed to figure out the problem. One advised to buy a new alternator and we replaced it but still same problem. The battery light on the dashboard lights when I turn on ignition and off when the car is idling. So now I'm totally confused guys anyone with advise pliz help me.


It could very well be the inhibitor switch on the trans that the shift cable is attached to. I've also seen the cable bent from damage causing the inhibitor switch to not be in the proper position, the vehicle will only start in park or neutral. There is also a campaign on them we've done at least 50 of them in the last 2 months at my shop. I am a certified hyundai technician.

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I have problem with my ef sonata car (2002) Engine cranking but not start and when i switch on ignation chack light not work

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Had a problem with our 2010 Sonata starting. Seemed to only happen when it was hot or after driving it warmed up on hot days (like on 90 degree days), It just would n't start. Let it cool off over nite then it ran fine again. Happened to us a lot on warm days and no one could figure it out. Battery was good starter was good ignition fine. It always had full power, lights worked and such, just got nothing when we tried to start it. Finally got it to a hyundai dealer while it was happening and they diaognosted it as the fuel pump locking up. they said they by pased the power direct to the pump and it still wouuln't start so it was the pump. Cost $600 to change out but its been good since.


I suffered through this problem for a long time. I finally watched a You Tube video that showed the cause as a worn connector on the starter wire. I took my car to my local Hyundai dealer and explained the issue to my mechanic. He found the connector at starter was not tightly attached. He cleaned the connector and adjusted the tension on the connector to ensure solid contact with the spade terminal of the starter solenoid. Problem resolved.

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Currently having this issue with the new gen sonata (2018) and first time it happened they said it was the battery, charged it and gave it back. A week later no start and had it towed again. Now just found out it's the starter solenoid so hopefully when they replace that it's fixed... Will update.

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Same issue with my Santa Fe. It dawned on me it never happens at home. I always back into my driveway and generally the wheels are straight. So every time I park, I pull forward a couple feet and then back it a bit. So far so good. Hope it keeps working after posting this. Been about a month with no starting issue as long as I back it up before putting it in park.

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i have 2011 Sonata. When trying to start .. lights up & then everything looks dead.. if i try 3/4 time car starts.. took it to dealtership & they are asking $700 & told me this is starter issue & starter need to be replaced. Bad experience with Hyundai Cars .. my first & last car from Hyundai..

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05 Hyundai Sonata. Was not starting after filling with gas. Check engine was on. Gas mileage was horrendous. Came here, found this thread. Replaced the purge valve 3 days ago. Filled it with gas yesterday. Started right up. Check engine light is gone. Already see a difference in gas mileage. It took us less than 15min to replace the purge valve. Cost was $45 and change. Thank you everyone!!!


Having prob no crank and w car not going in to park or reverse. Was starting in neutral. Pulled 50 amp starter and ignition fuse and put right back in and it starts now like it reset something but still doesn't go in to park or neutral if that helps anybody, idk what the problem is yet though?

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interesting-- I got a new key cut and voila the problem with no crank disappeared I believe a contaminated key and ignition switch caused the no start. Why doesn't hyundai come clean on this one ---oh yah a real money maker for the dealerships

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Had to replace a lot key for a 2008 Santa Fe, and when testing the key the car wouldn't turn over. Radio and all the lights would turn on, but no cranking. Thanks to the comments in this thread, I had my husband try lots of different things, like unhooking the battery. The locksmith guy still had the slim jim in the door and as soon as they removed it the car started right up. So if you've ruled everything out, try locking/unlocking the doors a couple times? I don't know if this will help anyone, but if it helps one person I'm glad I commented.

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Update— thanks to a previous post I tried using the key to unlock the drivers door of my 2006 Sonata and noticed right away the problem disappeared Try unlocking front door and pausing until you hear a faint click resetting the anti theft system it also will not hurt to unlock and lock the door with keys a couple of times Works great I also cleaned up my actuators and problem disappeared Also look up resetting alarm system procedure if you want to start fresh Thanks again for the previous info this saved me a ton of money

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My 2012 Sonata had all lights on but would not crank. I used 2 suggestions. First I put my key in the door lock ( i never unlock with key) and then I ran the shifter thru all the positions a few times. Car cranked immediately and has been fine since.

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Here is a possible solution: I’ve had my 2011 Hyundai Sonata for 2 years and not many issues with the vehicle however, every now and then at completely random times my car will not start. Everything turns on the lights work, AC blows, Radio is working but the vehicle will not crank. I tested the battery, the starter, and the fuses. Everything is working fine but for some reason it would leave me stranded at a gas station, work, etc. on average it would take about an hour for it to finally start. But the past 2-3 times it’s happened I’ve noticed that the vehicle wasn’t registering that it’s actually in park. The car was in park but the little light that appears over the ‘P’ wasn’t lighting up. So I jiggled it and the ‘P’ came on and then the vehicle would crank. It turns out to be a safety for the vehicle if the system doesn’t register that the vehicle is in park it will not turn on. This problem is officially solved for me, and I thought I’d share. Hopefully this helped you.

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I am having issues starting my 2012 Sonata. I've had several mechanics test. It is not the battery, starter, or alternator. It starts when the brake is bypassed. I took it to the Hyundai dealership I purchased it from; they want to tell me the battery is bad despite it passing 3 tests prior. The only way to get Hyundai to recall this common issue is by reporting your problems here: My car has had several electric issues since purchased (CPO at that). The dealership continues to not provide the answers, and I've seen several other reviews of others experiencing the same issues. Report it to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to force them to take care of these problems.

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I tried the key inside the door. unlock and lock back and forth a couple of times and it works every time. It seems to reset the electrical system show how. The put the key in 3 times and wait also works as well.

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I have a 2002 sonata the key I turn the key no lights no click no nothing I replace the battery I replaced the starter I replaced the 128 amp and still nothing what can I do

My car is doing same thing did pumping break work

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