im having a problem getting key out of ignition

Asked by sandransns Oct 19, 2014 at 09:28 AM about the 2004 Cadillac CTS

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

the key ignition will not turn all the way to get key out

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Is the battery in your CTS dead?

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Is it a manual transmission?

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Also, is it in park? And possibly the steering wheel is turned exerting pressure on the locking pawl.

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I'm having the same problem but my car won't start from ignition it only starts when you mess with the battery cables a certain way! My key was stuck and the battery was bad. I got a new battery and the same thing again.

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Sounds like a bad connection at the battery, starter or under hood fuse box. They should all be clean and tight.

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I got a recall notice for the key to be replaced, because it was causing problems like that. Look up your model and see if there is a recall on the key.

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My factory radio got stolen out of the car , the Cadillac CTS 2003 every since the radio got stolen the car started acting that way it is a automatic , and the battery is also good.

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Hey what's goin on .. I have 03 Cadillac cts they key is stuck in ignition & the car won't even crank up/ nothing will come on .. I just put a brand new batter inside so it's not the battery what else u think it could be ???

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Nothing will come on at all (not even the lights inside the car) on my 04 Cadillac srx, the key is stuck also!! At first it was saying anti theft system on and now it will not start at all!!! HELP PLEASE!!!

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Key stuck cadillac cts need help

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ANSWER by Uriah ak on February 09, 2016 Thank God it's not the ecm the same thing happened to me today everybody on the forums was saying it was the ECM but it's not. Where it's shows the what gear your in like drive reverse park etc. push down that S button with the weird shape around. Push it hard even if you break it when I did this my key released and I could see all my fuel and temp gages I can take the key in and out the ignition now. I have to fix that part but I'm sure it is cheaper then replacing the ECM

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It should be a problem with your ignition lock solenoid on the Cadillac Cts it is aebay round electric device under your steering column cover. When you turn the key back this device is supposed to move a pin that it has in the middle downwards in order to allow to turn the key back in order to take it out. Also check for the traction control light or issues that say Service Antitheft System as it can also cause this to occur

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Mssparker1121 try reprogramming there are instructions online and usually takes about 30 minutes. When the antitheft system gets enabled it desables traction control which also tells the system when it is in Park in order to know when to release the key

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Meant try reprogramming the key

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No the battery is fine

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I'm having the same problem my service anti theft light and traction control light are on and my key won't turn off all the way or come out but car will crank but my gas and temperature gage don't work please help

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@Haley where you able to find out what the problem is minevitable did the same thing today while I am on vacation

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has anybody figured out what the problem is? cause my Caddy is doing the same thing that Haleys car is doing? i about to spend $120.00 at the Cadillac shop to check this out... HELP

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It's the ECM... I was able to get it through my brother's job for $400... I had another key so I just lock it and disconnect the battery when I get out of it... it's a pain in the assignment but it is a temporary fix until the part comes in

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I have the same problem why you do you fix it can you tell me how you fix it

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My Cadillac 04 cts was having the same problem but once I checked the battery cables it regained power and I was able to turn the ignition and power was restored. Tyj it was nothing major!

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PLEASE HELP: I parked my car 2013 CTS and 10min later wouldn't at all start. all the power went down, they key wont come off. The gear even on N wont change. the batter is 14Voltage with new alternator. Jump started the battery and nothing. All the power inside is out cant even lock the windows . NOTHIN! someone suggested Thief control? Any advise?

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I meant to 203 cts

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After pages of this problem on google why is it that no one has posted an actual FIX??

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if you can't get the key out, it is a bad ECM

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Underneath the steering column there is to holes. The one closest to you when you are feeling for it which makes it the top can place a ball point pin in there - have to find just the right spot and push, then the key comes ight out :). Will still Have to find the issue that continues to cause it however at least you can get the key out. Hope this helps

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Hi all, My key was stuck in ignition. Due to this I kept having to let battery drain. Finally car stopped working. I tried to jump it and all the lights came on except it wouldn't turn over. After a few minutes of taking jumper cables off the battery died. So I replaced the battery, everything came on immediately. Made sure car was in park and she started right up. However the key still stuck. I figured out how to get it out. I have a 04 cts and underneath the steering column are two holes. If you use a ball point pin and push in there, the key will release. So at least I got car started but why the hell is key stuck. I already got the key fixed with the ignition recall. Not sure if there is a reprogramming that needs to be done or what is going on.

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What happens is when you put the car in park leave it idle and get out it sets the anti theft. So when you hop back in and take off the car thinks it’s been stolen cause the doors didn’t get unlocked. Reprogramming the key to the car should fix it. And you will not have to get a ecm. And worn out brakes will also cause something similar

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Just went though the same problem with my 2005 srx turns out it was the amp shorting everything out. Of course I took it to 3 different mechanics to figure it out. Cars runs fine now . Hope this helps just to diagnose the problem took 6 hours in between to mechanics. $$$$$

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The answer to your problem is don't buy a Cadillac these cars are meant for the rich they're meant to be bought brand new and owned for only 2 years after that their headaches for poor bastards like us. Dealerships love this problem because of the money we spend trying to figure these problems out in their shops $$$$ I grew up on Cadillacs as a kid and have owned numerous second hand Cadillacs as an adult and each one has had it's own series of problems a Cadillac is a trophy wife you finally own and get in one but more sooner than later it cost you money that's the cleaned-up version thank you

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So I was having battery issues, it's a new battery so I made sure the battery cables were on right, it's starts right up. I go, come back get out and come in the house, I come back out to go to work and it will start, but I couldnt shift out of park, my inside lights wouldn't come on, radio, anything. Oh, and my key won't come out. So I go to the fuse box under the backseat, I pull out the rim fuse and nothing, I pull the rim/ignition switch fuse, after about 5 seconds the car starts dinging, the door was open. I wiped it off, made sure it was good and stuck it back in, now everything works fine, except my radio won't light up. I just got the car outta the shop like 2 days ago over a bushing and a carrier bearing. $286.74 fix, now this. Lol. That's a Cadillac for you. Oh it's a 05 CTS. 3.6l. I hope maybe this helps someone.

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Work for gm dealership, have changed MANY of these ecms. Something to do with internal ground short that doesn't let it recognize shifter in park. Tale tale sign, batt good, starter good, key wont come out and there isn't a prndl indicator on shifter. Hope this helps someone. Also main years I see these on are mid 2003's up to mid 2007s.

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I have CTS 2004 3.6 L. I ran into key stuck problem & engine won't start. Bypassed ignition switch and energized starter. Starter turned but engine didn't stop. Took it to mechanic he suggested to replace ECM. Got REFURBISHED ECM From GERMANY thru GM direct for $350. After about 6 months of effort the car was started. After driving it on hwy after installing ECM it started missing. Results showed cylinder 5 missing. Replaced ignition coil nothing happened, replaced injector nothing happened. Check Engine light became a permanent feature and driving with engine missing was very disturbing. Got power steering pressure hose busted. Replaced that and drove the car for about 20 miles. I stopped missing. Reset the engine with scanner, the check engine light disappeared. Can someone through light on it and explain what happened. I am confused. Thanks


My niece's just shut off key wouldn't come out and wouldn't start, light and gauges all worked but wouldn't turn over, key would come out,messed with it for awhile trying to get key out, popped good and noticed that the ground from engine to battery terminal was broke, out a new end on it and connected it and key came out and start. Maybe check this also, easy fix for hers

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Ecm no question about it. It is not the sport button

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If you have seen a warning light that indicates that your remote battery is low. Then it is surely the fob battery. Replace the battery and enjoy it.

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there are holes under the steering wheel, central. one of these has a small button you can push with a pen, or screwdriver, and it will release the key. Mine had a cover I had to remove, but it is usually the one closest to the driver. As for the "wont start" I still havent figured it out. I believe it has something to do with theft system as my ATS light remains on. New key FOB battery - new battery for car - still locks up after initial use. I see alot of ECM posts, but what does that have to do with ATS??

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I have 04 cts and it does this as well wont start then locks the key i usually just turn the key in the on position and remove the hot i will then slowly connect and dissconet the hot untill i hear a slight hum kinda sounds like a miniature fuel pump humming if u listen as u do this you will hear what im sayin when u here this hum not only will your key come out itll start keep in mind when it does hum be careful not to dissconet before finishing the key turn to start listen for the hum works ever time

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i do the same thing as Guru26rdt mentions, I replaced the ecm with another ecm i got from a junkyard and programmed with the key for 30 minutes by turning the key in the on position and waiting for the anti theft light come off every 10 minutes. The key was repogrammed but it still kept doing the same thing. I turn it off for about 10 to 30 minutes, try to restart it and locks the key and wont turn over. I disconnect the battery and connect it again until i hear the hum, leave the terminal without disconnecting and notice the shifter indicator light turns back on, and the car will start. I am thinking at this point it could be a short circuit in one of the terminals. I also checked the fuses and relays on the engine with a multimeter and they are working fine. Please, Help!


As many of us that are having the exact same problem, is there a chance there was a recall on these older models? Has anyone checked? Mine is doing all of this. Key stuck, battery dies and won't jump (new), ars comes on, gauges won't work. I am so done with this if theirs not a fix. Question not answer, sorry. Deb

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Did anyone see that cadillac cts had a recall on key?


The recall is for knee hitting the key & turning off the car dealer fix is 2 small key rings on key so knee wont turn it off

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2004 Cadillac CTS key won't turn all the way back to get key out

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